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Veeno Italian wine café is a UK-based deluxe Italian wine bar chain

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06/04/2018 08:00 | Food

Veeno, the wine café, is spreading its wings with 12 extra franchises.

Wine drinkers across the UK will be treated to more opportunities to drink Italian wine and enjoy nibbles with 12 extra Veeno franchises planned. The firm has announced that it will be expanding its enterprise as popularity for the Italian ritual of drinking wine, eating nibbles and relaxing after work has grown.

To oversee its expansion plans, the owners have appointed Cedar Dean Commercial. This property advisory firm has a strategic lease department that will help the company to get the best lease terms and business rates as it expands across the UK. Veeno is already using Cedar Dean Group’s CDG Leisure to help them select the most appropriate locations for expansion, so this next appointment is an obvious choice.

Already operating across the UK, Veeno’s main expansion plans are in the capital. It currently has just one location – St Paul’s – so it recognises the benefit of having more of a presence in London to capture wider attention.

Co-Founder, Nino Caruso, is excited about its latest plans. He says, “we are delighted by the response from our growing customer base for our unique brand, and will be working with Cedar Dean Commercial to ensure that more people will be able to enjoy our Italian aperitivo”.

He is also confident about the new plans, “we have no doubt that our expansion plans will be an enormous success”.

Veeno was founded by Nino Caruso and Andrea Zecchino in 2013 with an outlet in Manchester. It offers people a relaxing way to spend time after working, drinking wine and eating Spuntini – platters of Italian meats and cheeses.

The wines it serves come from Nino’s family vineyard in Marsala, Sicily. There are 15 Veeno bars around the UK serving the delicious wine and sharing patters. You’ll find them in numerous cities, including London, Brighton, Leeds, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol and many more.

All of the bars – or cafes as they call them – offer a stylish alternative to British pubs with elegant interior design, table service and authentic Italian food to share.

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