How you can beat the odds and succeed as a business owner during a recession

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There’s no doubt the home renovation industry is great one to build a business in, and it just seems to go from strength to strength.

 Granite & TREND Transformations are amongst the toughest, most robust business models out there. With their structured systems of management and support, they are really shining through as examples of strength and resilience. 

Not only do they have more than 25+ years’ experience proving they have what it takes to weather any economic storm, but their franchisees are doing better than ever.  During 2023, they saw:

·       An average of 100+ leads per month, per franchise 

·       A 55% conversion rate from In-Home Sales Appointments 

·       Average franchise sales revenue exceeds £800K PA

·       7-figure turnovers for top performing franchisees  

Granite & TREND Transformations franchisees are not just surviving, they’re thriving! 

Granite & TREND Transformations are constantly innovating and evolving their products to keep you at the very forefront of the market

By using Granite & TREND’s innovative range of engineered surfaces, such as the famous Top that Fits on Top, their franchisees can quickly and easily upgrade customers’ kitchens and bathrooms and deliver great value for money. However, the key factor for you as someone considering launching a new business, is that this is a brand which never rests on their laurels.

In the last year alone, they have added dozens of new products, and also teamed up with Karndean to offer a new range of flooring. Over the next year, they’ll be introducing a whole new strategy focused around total “living space solutions” which will demonstrate to customers how their products and services can help them create profound transformations in every room of their home.

This diversification and innovation not only allows franchisee to tap into lucrative, new revenue streams, but also keeps them head and shoulders above the competition. 

Why not get in touch?  

There’s absolutely no pressure, and this will certainly not be a “sales pitch” – just a friendly chat so that you can ask any questions that you have about how to use this reputation to your advantage. 

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