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Kevin Yates, CEO of TRIB3, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards in recognition of his profound influence on the health and fitness industry.

Considered by many a pioneer of boutique fitness, Kevin Yates is shortlisted next to some of the UK’s most forward-thinking, innovative and successful business minds in "the Health & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year" award. 

Kevin, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in fitness, is one of the most innovative CEOs and has paved the way for others. One of many achievements to point out - outside of the unique concept of TRIB3 - is the partnership with the internationally recognised wellness technology platform: Mindbody. Besides this feat, his track record is proven and unrivalled, providing businesses with original direction, delivering shareholder value and building high-performing teams.

But who is the TRIB3 'Chief'?

Kevin started his career in the British Army, where he served for four years, before taking up a job in his local gym as a personal trainer. From there, he worked his way up to senior roles at Fitness First, Esporta and 1Life (then Leisure Connection) before setting up one of the first boutique fitness brands in the UK.

Deciding it was time to do things differently, Kevin founded TRIB3, with the first store launching in his hometown of Sheffield in early 2016. In his current role as CEO at TRIB3, Kevin manages the executive board, sets the company’s vision and oversees day-to-day operations. He is well known for his out-of-the-box thinking, rewriting the rule book in the fitness industry to impactful effect!

Kevin's leadership brings success and international growth!

As a direct result of Kevin’s leadership, TRIB3 will have more than 30 operational stores by the end of 2022, with a further 70 stores sold across 11 international territories.  

His expertise in building businesses, creating communities and driving an authentic following is unparalleled. In short, Kevin's work has been instrumental in the boutique fitness boom and will have a long-lasting impact on its future: with awards recognising his efforts.

Discover more about the Fitness, Wellness & Health sector:

We reached out to Kevin, and he said: “It has been an incredible journey which has seen me go from an unpaid PT in my local gym to building a global boutique fitness franchise which is disrupting the sector and paving the way for entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions. It’s no secret that my goal is for TRIB3 to have 1,000 stores worldwide and we might not be there today but we are well on our way and I have no doubt at all that we’ll get there. 

“It’s an absolute honour to have made the shortlist along with some other brilliant business minds. I’m already looking forward to heading down to London to meet entrepreneurs from different sectors to share ideas, learn more and who knows, maybe create some new partnerships!” 

The award show will take place in London on Monday 21st of November, and bring together the UK’s finest entrepreneurs, judges, mentors, investors and partners to celebrate creativity and ambition.

If you are enticed by the opportunities and high-growth direction a TRIB3 gym and fitness franchise brings you, you can get in touch by clicking "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article. You will need a minimum investment of about £130,000, with a third-party financier able to help you with 50 pct, with additional franchise fees of £35,000 incl. VAT.

To get you on the right path, you can also learn more about how to start a gym franchise and what you potentially will be doing. Use these resources to ask the right questions when talking to TRIB3.

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