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The Wheel Specialist’s Aberdeen franchisee has spoken about how he filled a gap in the market and survived economic downturns. 

Willie Forsyth was able to earn a healthy living from wealthy car owners in the offshore oil industry. But when the market price of oil plunged from over $100 per barrel to a fraction of its original value, tens of thousands of people in the industry lost their jobs. Suddenly, Willie was no longer able to generate as much income. 

But the car franchise investor wasn’t content to give up. 

“You get off your arse and go out and find new customers,” he said. 

“I spent a week doing research on Google, looking at all the potential new and used car company clients in the area. Then, I called the trade customers who hadn’t given me any work for a while, put a refurbished wheel in the back of the van, and went on a tour of the motor trade. Once I’d established the right person to contact at each business, I started at one end, knocked on doors, and showed them what I could do.” 

Having worked in a car rental company before joining The Wheel Specialist, Willie knew how difficult it was to find a company offering high-quality and convenient refurbishment services. When he examined the market, he discovered something interesting: 

“Most of the companies were sending their wheels out of our area, which cost them extra for transport. So, we were making their lives easier by offering free collections and deliveries for vehicles and loose wheels,” he said. 

Before the economic crisis, Willie’s customer base was made up of 90 percent private car owners and 10 percent trade partners. But his focus on targetting businesses has paid off and boosted his profits. 

Today, the split is 50-50 and he’s increased his revenue by 40 percent. Despite the Covid-19 lockdowns, the hardworking franchisee is now generating more income than last year.

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