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Betterclean Services is one of the lowest cost Management Franchises on the market with a hugely successful business system built around the provision of commercial cleaning services to local businesses.

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Betterclean Visits All Its Franchises


The beginning of May this year was a busy and unique time for Betterclean Services. As the senior franchise team embarked on their tour around the UK to meet up with franchise owners called: Regional Network Days.


Regional Network Days involves and places high importance and input on all Betterclean franchisees, believing that the combined knowledge of the franchise owners in the network is the central ingredient in the ongoing success of the brand. The regular and ongoing network days and franchisee events are a testament to this commitment.


The networking event runs for three days, meeting with regional groups of Betterclean franchise owners to informally discuss prescient topics. These matters were - although not limited to - developments from Head Office, new operational and marketing initiatives, what was and is working well in their region and any challenges they were currently facing.


The days were full of energy and very productive, with everyone actively taking part, providing excellent input into discussions: making Betterclean better every day!


It is an excellent opportunity for the Betterhelp franchise management team to engage and network with franchise owners. But these events also create the setting for the franchise owners to interact, share stories, build relationships, and ultimately come together as one cohesive team.

In fact, this is one of the great things about franchising. You can be ‘your own boss’ but at the same time be part of a broader, supportive network that has your back. It really is the best of both worlds.


However, the real, lasting value begins after. Because evaluative improvements are completed for the franchise management team, collecting all the great ideas and suggestions formulating them into an action plan. To then be communicated to the franchise owners in the interest of complete transparency and because the franchise owners can experience their input is treasured.




The Regional Network Days are a busy few days, spanning many miles - south to north - sleeping in numerous hotel beds, but it is all worth it as the insight we gain and the networking are priceless.


The next exciting networking event with the whole Betterclean network will be held in October, set to be a really fun and engaging couple of days.

To conclude, are here two Betterclean Services franchises that were visited: York and Manchester, and their unique stories.


Betterclean Service York saves the jobs of Fulford School Cleaners!




Fulford School cleaners in York were staring down an uncertain and unemployed future. A hereafter filled with financial strain with the soaring inflation sweeping across the UK. The reason was that the facilities management company employing the York cleaners filed for administration: new ownership.


Betterclean Services York saw this opportunity and took on the contract at short notice, saving the cleaners’ jobs, and transferring them over under the Betterclean Services York umbrella paying them a real living wage.

“Over the last two years we have focused on building a reputation of going the extra mile to help customers and in this case, we’re delighted to step in to save jobs and ensure the school was able to open after Easter.” As Rick Jefferson, Franchise Owner of Betterclean Services York, Harrogate and Leeds, reflects.


Continuing, “I believe by being driven by our values and focusing on staff and customer care, everything else falls into place.”

In Manchester, a Betterclean franchise also aided its community.


Betterclean Services Manchester continues to raise money for local charities!




Saira Poonawala, the franchise owner at Betterclean Services Manchester, has been busy with numerous charity events. In fact, she tirelessly helps her local charities together with a ladies networking group, The Best of Bury Brunch. An amazing group of women operating businesses, challenging themselves to see who can raise the most money to propel their community forward.


“We have been taking part in local fundraising for a few years now. I feel this is our way to pay back and support the community. We do get a lot of support from our local companies and Bury Hospice (as well as other local charities). Over the last few years, we have done things like abseil from Peel Tower which is 128 feet high and occupies a prominent position on Holcombe Hill which is 1,100 feet above sea level.” As Saira Poonawala says.


Continuing with, “[r]ecently we had a more fun filled and down to earth event which was a lady’s lunch. The ladies had an amazing time and won lots of prizes. We had an auction where local businesses had donated some wonderful services and prizes for this. From the lady's lunch alone we raised £5800 and this was after expenses were taken out. Thank you to all the local business ladies in support of this.”


No matter what, Betterclean Services Manchester will continue to support charity events and have planned events for the future. “We are proud to be a part of the local community where we provide our services as a business and a supporter of our local community services. As I say large enough to cope with your business cleaning needs yet small enough to care for what you need most.”

Betterclean Services franchises and senior management cares. They care in ways of incorporating insights from the trenches and including them in future growth plans for the valuable franchise network. But Betterclean's franchises also care about their local community, knowing how important it is to have a thriving supporting network, whether that is the Regional Network Days, combatting the rising inflation, or raising money in general. Betterclean Services cares.


Betterclean has a minimum of £25,000 excl. VAT investment, with an initial boost of £200,000 of business enquiries for your first 12 months of franchising. Together with exclusive territories across the UK, and an average net profit margin of 20%!

If you are interested in discovering more about Betterclean, fill in our form here, and we will be in contact with you to book your slot.


Alternatively, discover here the seven enticing advantages of opening a commercial cleaning franchise, or how about an industry overview of cleaning services in the UK?

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