Derby franchisee highly recommends Betterclean Services as a top franchise

Betterclean Services franchise
Betterclean Services

Betterclean Services is one of the lowest cost Management Franchises on the market with a hugely successful business system built around the provision of commercial cleaning services to local businesses.

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Marjorie Dhliwayo has been a Betterclean Services franchise for the Derby area since September 2022, and she highly recommends starting this commercial cleaning franchise. This father-and-daughter team has been taking the UK region by storm, satisfying customers with their services. The owner of the new business couldn’t be happier. 

When it comes to Betterclean Services support, Marjorie says that few franchisees could be better. Within three weeks of marketing, the Derby team locked in their first contract. She’s hoping that their customer base will only continue to grow as they further develop their business plan. The best part is that she and her father don’t feel alone on the journey

Here are some of Marjorie’s thoughts o the Betterclean Services franchise: 

“In-depth training at the start of the programme set my father and me on a firm foundation. Both the 5 days initial training and the 2 days supervisor training were invaluable in terms of building business knowledge and the confidence to fulfil our vision for the business. Becoming Betterclean franchisees is fulfilling our dream of owning our own business. The key to success is hard work and dedication to achieve and follow the business model process from the beginning.”  

It’s always heartwarming to see families working together to achieve their dreams. It presents a bonding experience like few others, managing finances and business together and taking on the world with cleaning services. Marjorie’s advice for any new franchisees is that you always ask for help when you need it, especially in the beginning. 

Perhaps it’s time for you to move to running your own business or expanding your services. You can excel and grow, just like Marjorie and her dad. Learn more about how to start a Betterclean Services franchise company today

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