Father and Daughter team found the Betterclean Services Franchise was the perfect fit!

Betterclean Services franchise
Betterclean Services

Betterclean Services is one of the lowest cost Management Franchises on the market with a hugely successful business system built around the provision of commercial cleaning services to local businesses.

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moses-and-marjorie-betterclean-franchise-case-studyI had always wanted to start my own business and the Betterclean Franchise provided me with the opportunity to realise my dream.” When Moses Dhliwayo discovered that the Betterclean franchise could allow him to become his own boss, to go from employee to employer, he could only see his life change for the better.  

Living in Stenson Fields, Moses will be operating his business with his daughter Marjorie. They will be operating in the Derby territory covering Derby, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Alfreton, Holloway, Heanor, Ashbourne and surrounding locations. “I came to the UK in 2004 to further my studies and I currently work as a Project Deployment Manager with Royal Mail. During my spare time I work as a voluntary scrutiny team member for a local housing association. I enjoy networking with professionals within and outside my organisation, without forgetting spending quality time with my family. I am married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Before coming to the UK, I worked as a Train Driver for 23 years in Zimbabwe, this is when my wife ran a catering service for our local hospital.

Marjorie is a trained Pharmacologist and has worked extensively in the Health and Social Care Sector and briefly as a telemarketer. “I was propelled to move from my job because I felt the need to grow and develop something that I will be in control of and can help add value whilst building a future for myself. During my spare time I enjoy taking long walks and listening to Motivational Business Speakers. I also like reading books on successful businesses that started small and made it to the top.” 

Moses didn’t have a background in cleaning or owning a business, but he knew the franchise route would suit him through his Post Graduate Qualification in International Business Management and Marketing. “In March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit put me in a position to seriously consider a franchise, which is something I had been looking into for 5 years. After some investigation, in April 2021 I contacted Betterclean, and the journey started. Marjorie and I had zoom meetings, face to face and team calls with Betterclean’s Head of Franchising and I was convinced that Betterclean was the right franchise for us. One of the main reasons I chose a Betterclean Franchise is because their Management Service Fee is much lower than most franchisors.” 

Marjorie was assured by the ongoing support and guidance offered by Betterclean and to have someone readily available to offer guidance throughout the duration of being a franchisee. “After several meetings with Head of Franchising I was convinced that Betterclean was a perfect fit for what I envisioned and expected upon making the decision to become a franchisee.” Marjorie knew if this support was combined with their own hard work, they would be successful as Betterclean Services franchise owners.

Moses and Marjorie started their training in early September. All new franchise owners undertake thorough and wide-ranging training that ensures they are well equipped with essential knowledge, facts, and comprehension to maximise the opportunities for their businesses. The all-inclusive programme focuses on understanding the market, selling Betterclean services and covers all sales and marketing and administrative systems. 

For the future, we see Betterclean Services Derby as a successful commercial cleaning service provider in the UK and learning new skills that will benefit the company to continually grow.” Moses is eager to experience new challenges and is excited to invest his time specialising in a business he is passionate about. “The Betterclean Franchise provides a wide range of opportunities to everyone regardless of your background. Their business ethics and leadership are exceptional.


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