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The Beautiful Method is a Management Franchise, offering clients a tailor-made housekeeping service to suit their needs and lifestyle, which allows for flexible working

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Managing Director, Victoria Rothwell, answers some frequently asked questions about The Beautiful Method management franchise opportunity.

Will I have to carry out housekeeping duties?
NO – this is a Management Franchise, which means that you will be building, training and supporting your team of housekeepers. Wining new client business and nurturing those relationships. Developing brand awareness in your territory and working on your business, growing it into a sustainable eco-friendly housekeeping service.

What support is available when setting my business up?
You will have so much support from us to set your business up and throughout the lifetime of your Franchise. At the beginning of your journey we will give you practical things like policies and procedures, a proven HR system and a dedicated Head Office team to assist you. Help with marketing in your chosen area and staff and client recruitment will also be given and material such as leaflets will be supplied. A yearly audit and two territory visits will be mandatory to support you with your personal development and business growth.

Do I need any housekeeping experience to be able to own a The Beautiful Method Management Franchise?
The answer to this is NO. However, you do have to be the right kind of person that we are looking for. We have spoken about this in some detail in our prospectus but in short, you need to work hard and really care about your team, your clients and be eco conscious. It would be beneficial if you have some management or supervisory experience to use to develop your team of housekeepers. Or Customer service and sales experience may also be helpful. But if you don’t have any of these then as long as you have the drive and ambition and you are the right person then we will guide and support you in all aspects you need to build a successful business.

Will I need an office to begin with?
To begin with an office would not be needed to run your Management Franchise business as it can be set up and run from a home office, as your team expands you will need to look at renting a storage facility and then towards the end of year 2, the beginning of year 3 an office will be needed, but again this all depends on how quickly you invest in developing your business, as an office may be needed much sooner.

What will my start up costs be?
Apart from the initial Franchise fee that you will pay, there will be other costs that you will have to consider. Details of these figures are in the Financial Information Memorandum (FIM) that you can obtain by request.

What will I get for my money?
The Franchise Package includes an exclusive territory, management software to help run your business, a personalised website page and help with social media set up and marketing advice. HR advice and support, full initial training (with regular training opportunities), brand awareness and fantastic ongoing support from Head Office throughout the lifetime of your business.

What is the growth potential of a Franchise opportunity?
As with any venture, the amount of success you will have is completely dependent on the amount of effort and hard work you put in. The business opportunity is huge, with continuous development and growth of our services you can continue to expand your business in your area. With the tools and support you will get from The Beautiful Method team, there is no limit or restrictions on how successful you could be.

The Beautiful Method is a Management Franchise, offering clients a tailor-made housekeeping service to suit their needs and lifestyle, which allows for flexible working - perfect for growing your business around your family. You are NOT a cleaner; you ARE a Business Owner who manages your team of cleaners.

Are you an ‘Ideal’ Franchise Owner?
You don’t have to have experience in housekeeping to be the ideal franchisee, our opportunity is a management franchise and therefore you will not be physically doing ANY of the cleaning yourself. You will be building, supporting and managing your team.

You will be taking care of your clients and concentrating on building a sustainable business. Our Franchise Owners will come from different backgrounds, of different ages and this will help to create a rich and diverse realm of expertise that can be drawn upon across all our franchisees as a support network.

Does this sound like you and are you ready to make that change? Are you ready to be more present in your family life and have a successful business? And there is no need to worry, as we’ll be there every step of the way!

We are currently seeking Franchise Owners for key territories throughout the UK so secure yours now!

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