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The Beautiful Method is a Management Franchise, offering clients a tailor-made housekeeping service to suit their needs and lifestyle, which allows for flexible working

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Name: Victoria Rothwell Franchise: The Beautiful Method

What was your career background before franchising (including what your job / career was immediately before)

I have always loved art and creative subjects which lead me to undertake a degree in Fashion and textiles, and I loved every minute of it….

Upon finishing my degree it took me two years to get my first job in fashion, but I was not giving up and I was determined to ‘make it’. This job was worth the wait, I absolutely loved it. The meetings with designers, suppliers and high-street stores were a dream come true. I would spend half of my week in London playing on Oxford Street including a weekly trip to Liberty and the other half of my role entailed travelling the world including some amazing party nights in Hong Kong. I was in my element, I loved my job and everything it entailed, but there was still something missing.

As much as I loved my job it wasn’t MY business. I still felt the need to fulfil my childhood ambition of running my own company.

When you started your business did you know that you would be going the franchise route?

Yes, it was always my plan to start the business and then franchise out once I had made sure the model was what I wanted it to be, and that it was the right model to fit around the family and the needs of a busy family and working parents.

I have always wanted to build my own business, I just had to adapt my dream to suit my new life as a mummy, and I know there are other parents out there who would love this opportunity too.

I am passionate about making this amazing business opportunity available to other parents across the UK who are not ‘just’ mummy and daddy but are also capable, driven and ambitious women & men. I understand more than anyone the need to be a hands-on parent whilst also running a business that makes our quality of life possible.

Were you, effectively, the first franchise owner (pilot franchise)?
Yes I started the business in March 2017 and it very quickly exceeded my expectations and quickly grew into a 6 figure business. Once our website launched which wasn’t until August 2018 we were getting enquiries from across the UK and this was the moment I knew that it was time to start developing my franchise model. Due to the popularity of our service I have been running 2 separate franchises with the South Cheshire/North Shropshire/North Wales, which have been my pilot franchise enabling me to make sure that I created the right model and that it worked. These 2 franchises are now up for sale waiting to be developed and expanded further

How did you discover franchising as a means of growing your business? (When & where)

I have been aware for it for a while, through web research and learning how the franchising model works, and I knew that the franchise model allowed for the flexibility that we crave to be able to achieve our own perfect work life balance, which is different for every individual but with the franchise model, it allows for each franchise owner to have the flexibility that suits their own lifestyle

Why did you choose franchising over opening company owned outlets?

I want other people to have the opportunity to start their own business… to be able to build a successful business and still be hands on parents. The franchise model takes away a lot of the risk of starting up from scratch and I feel that the risk is what puts a lot of people off, who would and could be amazing at it and why should they not be allowed access to the opportunity.

Owned outlets do not provide the same flexibility and freedom for the franchise owners to use their drive and ambition to grow their own business, whereas franchising does exactly this with a safety net, they are safe in the knowledge that is a model that works and there is less risk involved when investing in their future.

Is your husband/wife/life partner included in the running of your franchised business?

Not directly, he is extremely supportive and is always on hand to offer his advice and guidance if I ever need it.

How long have you been franchising your business?
We are relatively new to franchising and I started creating the model in January 2020. I wanted to ensure that I had perfected the business model and experienced lots of different business scenarios to better equip myself as a supportive knowledgeable franchisor. I am working very closely with an excellent franchise strategist to ensure that we develop the right franchise model and package.

What ‘highs’ have you experienced since franchising your business?

My biggest high is seeing the business grow from the very start into The Housekeeping business it is has become over the last 3 years is now a multi 6 figure business and it is this model that is now available to other women and men.

I am really excited to be in a position to offer them their own business with the help and support of the TBM brand.

It really is a ready made business in a box (and if you don’t fancy yourself as the next Mrs Hinch, don’t worry, as a franchise owner there is no cleaning involved).

It has been so exciting to have created and developed the business, taken all of the risks, made all the mistakes to get it just right and ready to offer it to other entrepreneurial-minded individuals.

I am excited to be there for all our franchise owners every day throughout their business journey, they get full access to our operations, HR, Health and Safety, CRM system, their own website, full marketing launch and most importantly the support and guidance from me and my team.

I am really looking forward to building our franchise network of amazing women and men and taking The Beautiful Method nationwide.

How many franchise owners do you currently have?
1 is currently on-boarding.

Do you currently have any franchise re-sales?
Yes 2 these were initially the businesses I started up before offering our franchise opportunity

If you do, where are they?
Chester and A41 villages Franchise
Cheshire East Franchise

What initial & on-going training and support do you offer to your franchise owners?
We offer a full start up package including:

  • A laptop,
  • Printer/scanner,
  • Branded stationary
  • Equipment to start their first team,
  • Stationary and much more…

We also have an intensive training programme covering all aspects, HR, Accountancy, Health & Safety, a full operational manual, a full marketing launch with ongoing marketing support, GDPR and much more.

We provide support and advice in all aspects of the above for the lifetime of the franchise and also a 12 month self development plan every year to ensure that all our franchise owners grow as a business person along side the growth of their business.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of buying a franchise?
Do your research; franchising is all about relationships…

As a franchisor I am looking for the right person who fits our brand, shares our values, ethics and our passion.

But also, which is just as important, we as a business need to the right fit for them…

It is a 2-way relationship and it has to be the right fit for both parties involved.

I would advise anyone to do their research and make sure it is right for them!

What else would you like to say to prospective franchise owners?
We can all have the gift of time and be present for our families. I truly believe that every parent has the right to a secure and flexible role so that they can be present as a parent and do a job that they love, without judgement, or discrimination. We are a really supportive group of women and we support all of our clients, franchise owners and team members whether they are head office, housekeeping or one of the many families we help.

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