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Ferdinand Football franchise
Ferdinand Football Laying the Foundations in Next Generation Football with Anton Ferdinand. #EVERYBODYSGAME

“our franchisees don’t just possess the skills required for a football business, they believe in our mission and live by our ethos to build inclusive pathways for the next generation of players. this is an exciting time for positive change and we only want like-minded, passionate people on this journey with us" Anton Ferdinand

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ferdinand-football-franchise-welcome-to-point-franchiseFerdinand Football is now gearing up to make football more accessible and inclusive for everyone in Britain. And that means new franchisees! So if you have the right mindset and experience, you can become part of Ferdinand Football Group for free.

Make a lasting change with Ferdinand Football

Ferdinand Football is driven by the recognisable footballer and his brand, Anton Ferdinand, on a mission to make football and futsal available for anyone across the UK. For example, Ferdinand appears regularly in media such as Sky Sports and BT Sports to talk about how a lasting positive change within football in Britain can be achieved for inclusion and diversity. In essence, Ferdinand Football doesn't just offer substantial revenue growth but also the importance that their franchisees connect and are motivated by this mission of what football and futsal can become for children and young adults. Anton reflects on his childhood and how football has shaped him, "playing football with my friends, learning people skills, improving my work ethic whilst also having fun. For that I feel it’s only right I give back to something that played a pivotal role in making me who I am today. With FFG we do exactly that; and I cannot wait to offer more kids the opportunity to play this wonderful game."

Football is part of British life and identity. It brings out a level of togetherness and comradery rarely seen in anything else. Football transcends economic classes and geography: it is one of the best activities to teach kids teamwork, focus, collaboration, and social skills while staying healthy! Ferdinand Football believes this at their core and so franchisees sharing this belief are actively sought after now as they expand across the UK.

A free start for the right franchisee!

Keeping Ferdinand Football Group's strongly held ethos, the selection of franchisees is front and centre of their growth and success. And to put money where their mouth is - for the right franchisee that possesses the needed skills - it is completely free to become part of the Ferdinand Football franchise network! For those who want to come on board but require training, the total investment is only £3,999 with 10% in operating fees based on monthly turnover. After three years of changing lives through football and futsal, you can expect to rake in over £150,000 annually.

Generally, Ferdinand Football Group categorises two levels of youth football coaches: level one and two - level one requires training and subsequent investment, and level two can be part of Ferdinand Football free of charge.

  • Level one coaches have an excellent reputation within their community and a passion for inclusivity while understanding the lasting positive effects football can have on children.
  • Level two coaches sport over three years of experience teaching football and inclusion to children and young adults. They enjoy a capable network with over 60 weekly players.

The onboarding and teaching that Ferdinand Football offers are extensive:

  • Discover what sets Ferdinand Football apart
  • You get to shadow a coach while training
  • Three to four days of operational training going into business and marketing, ensuring your success
  • Yearly personal development and leadership events

Then after you have gone through this training programme, you will be delivering football memories for children and young adults through Football & Futsal Development Programmes, Pre-school programmes, Soccer Schools, Parties, 1:1s and working within schools. 

So if you can nod to bringing a positive change to children and young adults through football and have your hobby be your work, click the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION" button and get in touch with Ferdinand Football today!

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