Ferdinand Football franchise

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Ferdinand Football franchise

Laying the Foundations in Next Generation Football with Anton Ferdinand. #EVERYBODYSGAME

“our franchisees don’t just possess the skills required for a football business, they believe in our mission and live by our ethos to build inclusive pathways for the next generation of players. this is an exciting time for positive change and we only want like-minded, passionate people on this journey with us" Anton Ferdinand

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  • Operating fee:
    10% total monthly turnover
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    Franchisee is required to spend a minimum £1500 anually
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About Ferdinand Football

Ferdinand Football Cover Franchise Anton Ferdinand FootballThe Ferdinand Football Group Ltd provides an inclusive, exciting and educational platform for all players from 2 years old. Developing skills are nurtured through our unique Ferdinand’s Steps to Success encouraging children to think and train with creativity and positive mindset.

Ferdinand Football offers a totally unique business model with unrivalled success and actual revenue possibilities of £150,000+ within 3 years but Ferdinand football group is about more than getting numbers into your training sessions, it’s about building foundations in your community and becoming a pillar of strength within youth football & futsal.

If you already run a platform for football and/or futsal development and meet our minimum requirements in qualifications, you will receive your Franchise for FREE! Applicants who do not meet our experience criteria will be asked to buy the franchise for £3,999 to cover the cost of additional training AND BUSINESS GROWTH SUPPORT. All franchisees will pay MONTHLY fees OF JUST 10% of their total turnover.

As a business owner, you’ll depend heavily on the training sessions you deliver for financial income, but the success of this will be a reflection of your passion and reputation. To succeed within FFG, you must embrace our mission to make football.


Upon successful completion of our training programme, a Franchisee will have the tools required to run Football & Futsal Development Programmes, Pre-school programmes, Soccer Schools, Parties, 1:1s and working within Schools. An experienced and suitably qualified Franchisee (UEFA B License + and at least 12 months running their business) can join our highly reputable Ferdinand Academy Programme.

All Franchisee’s will benefit from the marketing power of ‘Ferdinand’ as well as full training, refreshers, marketing materials, a booking platform and ongoing business support.


Everyone will undergo F2F training to learn the ways of FFG and meet the team. Work shadowing is advisable for everyone but a minimum of 4 weeks is essential for non-experienced applicants. This can be carried out with your nearest FFG centre.

3-4 days of Operational Training will impart all the knowledge required to start your own company and confidently begin operating as a trusted FFG Franchise. Full on-going marketing, business and operation support is available directly from FFG Directors and the accounts team for as long as it’s required.

Annual personal development courses are compulsory with the FFG Directors.



Ferdinand Football Cover Franchise Anton Ferdinand History

Anton Ferdinand is a former professional footballer, media personality and Mentor. Anton enjoyed a playing career at sides including West Ham United, Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers and now works as an Ambassador and Mentor,providing invaluable advice and insight to young players and supporting them in their careers as professional footballers.

He additionally makes regular media appearances for broadcasters including IMG, Sky Sports, BT Sport and TalkSPORT.

Anton has recently been involved in discussions with organisations including, the FA, the PFA, the Premier League and Kick it Out about how to create a lasting change within football, as well as working with social media companies and the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport to combat online abuse.

He has recently completed an Effective Board Members course and hope to use his expertise to improve inclusion and diversity at the top level.

Determined to give back to a community that supported his successful football career, Anton launched Ferdinand Football Group in 2021 to build inclusive foundations for entire communities to enjoy football at every level. Anton uses his wealth of experience and football knowledge to mentor children and young adults to promote confidence, wellness and community engagement. “Grassroots football was one of the highlights of my childhood, playing football with my friends, learning people skills, improving my work ethic whilst also having fun. For that I feel it’s only right I give back to something that played a pivotal role in making me who I am today. With FFG we do exactly that; and I cannot wait to offer more kids the opportunity to play this wonderful game”.


Ferdinand Football Cover Franchise Anton Ferdinand Football Franchisee

Due to the very nature of our franchise being different to any other currently available, our selection process for franchisees reflects our high standards and strong morals to ensure the FFG ethos is properly protected.

Our Franchisees will share our ambition for inclusion within football, a passion for the game and have drive to succeed. a percentage of our franchisees may have undergone a degree of life-changing experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and are now eagerly seeking an affordable lifestyle change that works around their family and delivers a reliable income, doing something they love. others may already be successfully coaching and ready to take the leap into owning your own business or simply, you want to be a part of what Ferdinand football group delivers to our communities; whatever your reasons, successful applicants can be confident in the Knowledge that they’re joining an industry leading name.

An experienced Franchisee will have 3+ years experience as a LEVEL 2+ youth coach, an excellent reputation within peer and customer groups WITH A CURRENT CLIENTELLE BASE OF 60+ WEEKLY PLAYERS. A strong network within the youth football industry, schools and local community and a clean, current enhanced dbs. Anyone meeting these criteria will receive their Franchise for FREE following 3 days of training and standard checks.

A less experience Franchisee may have little operational experience, be a LEVEL 1+ YOUTH COACH, have an excellent reputation within peer and community groups a passion for the inclusive development and success of youth football and a strong understanding of what it takes to become a positive role model for children. Anyone meeting these criteria would be required to complete 4 days of training, including shadowing, plus standard checks.