PART TWO: ChipsAway shares guide to alloy wheels

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ChipsAway ChipsAway are the originators of the SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair process.

Be your own boss with a turn-key ChipsAway franchise. ChipsAway ensures that all new franchisees receive all the support and training needed to start a successful paint and bodywork repair business. In 2023, on average, over £150,000 worth of leads* were generated per ChipsAway franchisee.

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The van based SMART repair franchise recently shared a blog on its website focused on all things alloy wheels, from installation to repair.

This detailed guide from ChipsAway was full of valuable info on alloy wheels, and this is the second of two articles recounting the van based franchise’s expertise. In this article, you’ll learn all about caring for and repairing alloy wheels. In the words of ChipsAway, “An impressive set of new alloy wheels can boost the overall value of a vehicle, making it a great investment if you are considering selling your car in the future. Once your new alloy wheels are installed, the aftercare and effort taken to maintain their pristine appearance will be important.”


The van based franchise continued, “Should your alloy wheels become dirty or even damaged due to unfortunate circumstances when driving or parking, you will need to take care of them to keep your car’s condition and performance at its peak.” There are three main types of alloy wheel damage to look out for: Tyre wheel damage, dent damage and alloy scuffs/kerbed alloy damage.

Alloy wheels are tough, but damage is still possible. Though light to medium scratches can be repaired at home using “a DIY alloy repair kit”, these kits aren’t suitable for large areas of damage or more severe damage, and regular wheel inspections are still required. As ChipsAway put it, “Whether it’s a scuff, dent, or scrape, getting them repaired can be a quick and easy process when in the hands of professionals such as ChipsAway. We know how much you love your car and it’s always best to let a specialist take care of the damage for a flawless finish.”

If you’re interested in joining this expert SMART repair franchise’s growing UK network, you can become a ChipsAway franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £15,000, with a total investment cost of £29,995. Find out more about the company via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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