Peter Brown's ChipsAway Journey: Reshaping Careers and Cars

ChipsAway franchise
ChipsAway ChipsAway are the originators of the SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair process.

Be your own boss with a turn-key ChipsAway franchise. ChipsAway ensures that all new franchisees receive all the support and training needed to start a successful paint and bodywork repair business. In 2023, on average, over £150,000 worth of leads* were generated per ChipsAway franchisee.

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Since embarking on his ChipsAway journey in Huddersfield in June 2021, Peter Brown has relished the freedom and fulfillment of self-employment. He revels in setting his own high standards rather than adhering to external directives, finding immense satisfaction in the autonomy it brings. Each day presents fresh scenery and engaging encounters with a diverse clientele across Yorkshire, further enriching his work experience.

A key advantage of joining ChipsAway, Brown highlights, is the steady stream of customer leads. This unwavering support proved invaluable, initially alleviating his concerns about juggling marketing and business management. ChipsAway's comprehensive four-week training course laid a solid foundation, equipping Peter with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in his role. His eagerness to learn and adapt further enhanced the benefits of this intensive program.

He delves into the practicalities of running his business, emphasizing the role of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in streamlining his workload. He sets ambitious financial targets, aiming for a daily minimum of £400 and a monthly turnover exceeding £6,000, while acknowledging the seasonal fluctuations in demand. To address his current four-to-five-week booking backlog, Peter plans to expand his team by hiring an additional employee and acquiring a second van, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs.

The most gratifying aspect of his work is the profound sense of accomplishment derived from restoring damaged vehicles, particularly new ones. Witnessing the transformation from a blemish-ridden state to pristine condition within a few hours instills a deep sense of pride and reinforces his passion for his ChipsAway endeavors.

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