Metro Plumb offers five top tips for starting a plumbing business

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Metro Plumb If you have the plumbing skills we have the business expertise.

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The network is extremely experienced in the plumbing sector, and was more than ready to share its expert knowledge with those who might benefit.

Metro Plumb, which opened doors in 2016 and is the sister company of well-established drainage franchise Metro Rod, is always offering advice and guidance to customers and franchisees alike. Recently, the plumbing franchise shared its five best tips for starting your own plumbing business. The tips were as follows:

1. Company name matters - “It’s all about the brand and you need a catchy company name and logo. [Plus,] a professional image is essential for attracting customers. [...] As endearing as Mr Drippy Ltd might be, customers are looking for an expert to solve their problem and will put their trust in someone with a smart appearance, professional logo and a confident sounding name.”

2. Marketing should top the list of priorities - When you’re starting a plumbing business, “you don’t need to be a marketing professional”, but you will need to consider the essentials, like business cards, leaflets and a branded van. Online, Google My Business “is an essential place to start to give yourself a base and for your customers to start leaving you reviews”.

3. Reviews are crucial - Speaking of reviews, they’re really “crucial to the development of your business”  and a powerful form of free advertising - “80% of people will check out a review or 5 before they make contact.”

4. Understand insurance requirements - “Public liability, employer’s liability, vehicle, tool, and equipment insurance are just a few of the things you will want to consider. If [someone] claims they have been injured or suffered a financial loss due to your work, you could be forced to foot a hefty bill.” Plus, “trade insurance is a must”.

5. Research payment methods/platforms - There are many different easy ways to get paid available to you, “like Stripe, PayPal, WePay”. Metro Plumb recommended that you “do your research” and check the fine print, especially “when it comes to admin charges”.

Find out more about a potential franchise investment with the growing plumbing company via Metro Plumb’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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