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The expert plumbing franchise recently shared a blog to its website all about handling a plumbing emergency and selecting the right professional to call on for help.

Metro Plumb is extremely experienced when it comes to emergency plumbing situations, and there’s no business better placed to offer this kind of advice, or to assuage client panic in a challenging, unexpected moment. In the words of the plumbing franchise, when something goes wrong, “the most important thing to do is contact an emergency plumber as soon as possible, who’ll be able to come out and assess the situation”.

The following five situations are classed as plumbing emergencies: Burst pipes, overflowing toilets, water heater failure, frozen pipes and the breakage of a vital water outlet. When one of the listed emergencies occurs, Metro Plumb advised that customers should ring an emergency plumber, as well as:

  • Stopping the flow of the water by turning off the valves (if there’s no service valve, they’ll need to turn off the mains stop tap)

  • Switching off all electrical appliances

  • Clearing the pipes by turning them on and allowing them to run empty

When choosing an emergency plumber, Metro Plumb suggested asking for recommendations from friends and family, reading reviews (and making sure the plumber is Gas Safe registered) and checking for guarantees (as any plumber that’s confident in their work should offer cover for anything upwards of 12 months).

The franchise also said, in terms of preventing these types of emergencies, that, “It’s important to note that if you’re aware of any pipework in exposed places, roof space or outside the property that isn’t insulated, get them lagged before they freeze! Pipe lagging is always cheaper than a plumbing emergency call out.”

The cost of calling out an emergency plumber will vary from job to job, but Metro Plumb recommended that customers “always request a written quote that itemises all parts of the job, ensuring you won’t be asked to pay any more if the plumber has overlooked an element of the repair”. Find out more about starting your own Metro Plumb franchise location and helping plumbing customers of all kinds via the company’s profile page, linked above.

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