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The computer specialists at Jam Coding recently defined coding and explained exactly why it’s such an important skill in 2021.

Jam Coding teaches computing to kids across the UK via informative, exciting digital workshops focusing on all things coding, and the computer franchise recently explained exactly what coding was, and why it mattered so much that kids were taught the skill early on.

In the words of Jam Coding, “If you type ‘what is coding?’ into Google, you’ll find thousands of options. We know because we’ve tried it. It’s funny that with so many options, the answer is pretty much the same. Coding is the process or activity of writing computer programs.”

For over seven years now, Jam Coding has been delivering workshops focused on this topic to UK kids, and in that time, they’ve been able to expand their definition. They went on to say, “Coding is having the confidence to try something different and new. It’s a test of resilience. It’s critical thinking. It’s the ability to process information and think like a computer. To notice patterns and understand what they mean. In our digital world, coding is a door to job opportunities.”

Learning to code, for children, is learning to communicate. It’s a mind-stretching and memory-enhancing activity that develops skills in a range of areas, including typing, writing and maths. When kids develop these skills, they become better collaborators, creators and problem-solvers in later life.

The franchise concluded by expressing the following: “It’s a series of skills that children will benefit from in every aspect of life. Yet, only an estimated 0.5% of the world’s population has mastered it. At Jam Coding, we understand just how important these skills will be to employers in the future job market, and see it as our duty to instil them into children from a young age. Our workshops are designed to do just that.” Find out more about becoming a Jam Coding franchisee via the company’s profile page, linked above.

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