Jam Coding franchise

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Jam Coding franchise

Teach the Future! Operate in a booming sector with earnings of over £100k. This fun, recession and future proof franchise gives you the chance to make a real difference.

All franchisors say they provide support, but few actually start you off with sales like Jam Coding do. No teaching or IT experience required to establish a scalable business.

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£19,950 +VAT

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Expected revenue after 2 years

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  • Royalty fee:
    £150 pm plus 10% of sales
  • Average floor space:

About Jam Coding

Do you want to ‘reboot’ your career into something exciting, rewarding and lucrative?

With Jam Coding you can build a profitable future by inspiring children in the digital era…

Jam Coding is a franchise at the forefront of education in the UK. It brings you this exciting opportunity to improve today’s education system and make a difference to the children within it. We do this through technology-based workshops that cover the basics of coding, 3D animation, robotics, stock motion and so much more. This franchise gives you the opportunity to do something more for yourself and our future generation.

Getting you off to the best start…

Your success is a testament of our proven business model, so we will do everything we can to help drive your business forward. That is why Jam Coding offer every franchisee a guarantee to set up your first 5 school contracts from your business launch. This means you will establish your customer base early on and start earning straight away. 

You can expect to earn…

*These are examples of figures previously achieved.

What we do…

Teach the future!

Our founder, himself a teacher and coder, realised there was an urgent need for young children to learn the skills they’d need to prosper in the digital world.

Digital intelligence is more than being able to code or use a computer. It extends to safe usage, the digital opportunity and digital resilience. It is something that will soon be required by many companies when looking to employ staff, according to a report published by Dell Technologies and authored by The Institute for the Future (IFTF), “85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been invented yet…”, so we want to ensure we are preparing our children for the future.

S. Lawman - St Joseph’s, Withnell

“Jam Coding have come into our school and within a few sessions elevated the quality of work in computing. The children have loved the sessions which are far more sophisticated and challenging than we could have managed ourselves. Well worth it!”

What you get for £19,950+VAT…

  • A home-based business model with low overheads 
  • A minimum 200 primary school territory · A 3-week training package
  • On-going sales support & training
  • 5 school contracts guaranteed, ensuring early income
  • The Jam Coding business management training program
  • Full product and service training
  • Client Relationship Management software training
  • Equipment, (software and hardware) to run up to 2 workshop groups
  • Jam Coding Stop Motion and Robotic equipment
  • All literature, stationery and tools required to run and monitor your business
  • Your insurance policy for year 1
  • Membership with the Federation for Small Businesses for year 1
  • A 5-year saleable franchise agreement with the option to renew

Why you should choose us…

If you are passionate about giving the future generation a chance to receive a life changing education, if you have the drive and enthusiasm to build a successful business, then we hope you’ve seen enough to get in touch and find out more about Jam Coding. 

Training and support provided

How you will be supported…

Jam Coding offer unbeatable training to all franchisees as well as our 5 school guarantee, ensuring your success from the start.

Becky Jackson - Business Area Manager

“The appetite for Jam Coding is phenomenal. For parents and schools to know they can access our fun, safe and educational programs is a refreshing change from the usual menu of programs and services they are able to access.

The business model is unique and means that we can help schools with their entire provision without the need for heavy investment in upskilling and resources.”

Franchisor Roger is backed by a team of experts who are experienced in licensing as well as franchising educational programs and workshops. So, when you purchase a Jam Coding Franchise not only are you investing in a proven business model, but you can also feel safe in the knowledge that you have a proven team behind you who will be there to support you on every step of your adventure. We are here to ensure your business is a complete success. 

The ideal Jam Coding franchisee

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for you! Jam Coding franchisees do not need to have any previous experience or knowledge in computer programming, coding or teaching to be successful in our franchise model. Our training and support are everything you will need to succeed with this business in a box.

Here are some of the qualities that make for a successful Jam Coding franchisee:

  • Be determined to grow a thriving business for themselves
  • Be passionate about helping young people
  • Be able to manage staff and customers as an excellent communicator
  • Be motivated and have a positive, can-do mind set
  • Be organised and strategic in their approach to work
  • Be able to follow processes to help themselves succeed
  • Be fun!

Jam Coding was established as an honest and ethical business and we will always be upfront and honest with you. We understand that the franchise model is a two-way process, we must be right for you, but equally you have to be right for us for everyone to succeed. We promise if you invest in us, we will invest in you.

Jam Coding are proud members of the Quality Franchise Association.

Jam Coding's history

Jam Thinking and Jam Coding were both established as honest and ethical businesses and will always be upfront and honest with you. This franchise model is a two-way process, we must be right for you, but you also have to be right for us in order for us both to succeed. So, we promise if you invest in us, we will invest in you.

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