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Are you seeking an enriching and educational way to occupy your child's holiday time? No need to look any further. Jam Coding is renowned for its engaging coding classes. They now have a special holiday club that might surprise you with how lively it is when school is out for the summer.

The government-funded Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) could help your child be a part of a fantastic project. Kids who get free school meals can keep learning during the breaks thanks to this programme, which is very good for their health and learning.

As the Marketing and Communications Manager at Jam Coding, Noor Tomlinson says that the holiday clubs bring her a lot of personal and professional happiness. "It's here that we reach the children who might otherwise miss out on our sessions. We're bridging the digital divide, one holiday club at a time," says Tomlinson.

As Jam Coding's mission resonates with digital inclusivity, the HAF programme is a cornerstone in reaching that goal. Ann-Marie Leah, the Business Development Manager, says that their services have grown to include everyone and meet strict standards. These classes offer activities, nutritious meals, and educational programs that are not only entertaining but also provide valuable knowledge. 

As a prospective franchise owner, you stand to inherit a turnkey solution to partake in this rewarding venture. You'll be ready to make a real difference in the future of your community once you have all the tools, training, and help you need.

Roger Grogan, CEO of Jam Coding, says that the HAF programme is one way that they are looking into ways to make these kinds of chances bigger. "We're committed to ensuring our franchise owners thrive, with the HAF program being a testament to that promise," Grogan asserts.

To date, Jam Coding has proudly supported over 8,000 young people through the HAF program, with that number growing annually. Imagine investing your money in a venture that has the potential to transform lives. Each Christmas season could be an opportunity to create an impact. 

Intrigued? You're encouraged to explore the possibility of joining Jam Coding as a franchise owner. Embrace the chance to make a difference, not just in your life but in the lives of countless children across the UK.

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