How Jam Coding is Closing The Gender Imbalance in Tech

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jam-coding-franchise-gender-equality-in-techEchoing Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking for more gender equality within STEM, Jam Coding is actively bridging the gender gap within computer science. Here is how they do it.

In 2022, it’s hard to believe that gender balance is still the most significant diversity issue in computer science - even STEM in general.

In fact, just recently, Apple chief Tim Cook admitted that there are still not enough females in digital roles. While at Apple itself, women make up just 35% of the workforce.

Whilst tech giants are starting to invest in programmes to recruit women to the sector, more needs to be done to stop them from lagging behind in the first place. The solution? It starts with early-year education intervention. But according to research, young female learners are still not considering a career in the tech sector. PwC narrows this down to three main reasons:

  • Girls aren’t getting enough information about what a career in technology involves or the jobs they could do with the right digital skills;
  • No one is putting it forward to them as an option. Research shows that just 16% of females have had a career in technology suggested to them, compared to 33% of males;
  • Girls can’t see themselves in a digital role as there are so few female role models in the industry. In fact, 78% of students couldn’t name a famous female working in technology, whereas two-thirds could name a famous man.

In another survey of 350 girls, reasons cited for not choosing to study computer science in higher education were:

  • A lack of interest in the subject
  • A lack of confidence in their ability

Now we know why there are disproportionately fewer girls in computer science. The question is – what can we do during those primitive early years to level the playing field?

Tim Cook believes everybody should be required to take some sort of coding course by the time they finish school. This is to have a “working knowledge” of how coding works and how apps are created. Jam Coding echoes Tim Cook's sentiment, so they are actively doing something about it.

How Jam Coding is making a difference

  1. Instead of spreadsheets and data entry, Jam Coding is all about animating videos, coding games and creating digital artwork. Digital education should be fun, and fun has no gender. Just as many girls sign up to take Jam Coding's classes as boys, and they believe that’s entirely down to their workshops being fun and engaging.
  2. Introducing Jam Coding learners to digital concepts at the appropriate ages, Jam Coding help young girls understand how they can apply the skills they learn to real-life situations and jobs. Want to be a Youtuber? You’ll need to know how to create, animate and edit your own videos! And Jam Coding can not only get you started but propel you to become a professional video editor and animator.
  3. For example, Jam Coding is proud to have a high number of female Code Coaches delivering sessions, as they know just how important it is for young girls to have female role models in the industry. A point referenced earlier in the article.
  4. Jam Coding's workshops are structured around four core principles: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Confidence. Jam Coding wants their female learners to work well with their male counterparts, with equal opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas. They believe this enhances the creative process and makes them feel valued and confident in their ability to do just about anything.

In short, Jam Coding believes that all genders must work together from the playground to the workforce, ultimately to create truly inclusive outcomes.

If you believe in equality and a diverse future within tech, and prepare the new generation of Britain for a digital future, Jam Coding as a franchise is expanding. With a total investment of £19,950 incl. VAT you can expect revenue numbers of £130,000 after just two years.

Just see below the reasons that some Jam Coders choose to join Jam Coding.

If you decide to join Jam Coding, you will be helping young minds of all genders and backgrounds ideate, create and expand their digital toolbox. Simply click the orange contact button below to get in touch with Jam Coding directly and learn more about what they can offer you.


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