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The recent spate of hot weather has meant that business is looking healthy at Pestforce franchises across the UK.

The scorching summer in the UK has divided opinion; some people are lapping up the sunshine, while others have turned into puddles of sweat and spend their days wishing for the autumn. However, everyone can agree that the increase in unwelcome visitors such as flies, wasps and rats isnt something to celebrate. Unless youre Pestforce, that is.

The pest control franchise has seen its exterminators working from dusk till dawn in an effort to battle the rising numbers of creepy crawlies that have been invading the UK. Although most of us wont have been happy with the appearance of angry wasps and hornets, more bugs is good news for the profits of Pestforce franchisees.

Jason Honan, Pestforce Southamptons manager commented on the tidal wave of pests. He said that his workload has shot up around 100% on the same time last year, mainly due to the huge increase in the numbers of wasp nests and called 2018 the busiest summer hed ever experienced. Where he might usually attend five to seven jobs a week, he confessed that hes been seeing those figures in just one day.

Mr Honan added: Its been crazy. It was busy a few years back but I would say the number of callouts to wasps has gone up by 100%. Lots of homes in the city have been getting all sorts of pests in their homes like hornets and ants. Its been so busy.

As an accredited member of the British Pest Control Association, Pestforce has the skills to deal with any summer infestations properly and safely. Whatever the pest or area in your home or business, the companys highly skilled technicians will ensure the infestation is soon just a bad memory.


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