Chock Shop travels all over the UK to satisfy customers’ chocolate cravings

Chock Shop franchise

Chock Shop is an artisan producer of chocolate brownies. But not just any old brownie, using only the finest Belgian chocolate and many other luxury ingredients, we produce the UK’s most sumptuous selection of chocolate brownies.

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The dessert connoisseur visited a whole host of locations to sell its delicious products during the first weekend of June.

Over the first weekend of June, Chock Shop popped up at many different outdoor locations, selling products to consumers across the country. The dessert franchise, founded by Greg Shearman, is on a path of growth, growing its customer base and its revenue simultaneously.

On Saturday 5th June, Chock Shop franchisees popped up at Gloucester Quays, Newbury Market, Ledbury Market, Herrington, Stone Farmers Market, Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse and York Spring Fair. On Sunday 6th June, you could find Chock Shop stalls, operated by franchisees, at Gloucester Quays, Herrington, Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse and York Spring Fair.

If you’d like to invest in an exciting Chock Shop franchising opportunity, and become one of many franchisees sharing yummy dessert with the public, you’ll need to put in a minimum of £10,000, with total investment costs of £15,000. After two years, your expected revenue will be £100,000. If you’re unable to source the money to invest upfront, most UK banks will loan you 50-70% of start-up costs, providing you have a good credit history.

In return for your investment with Chock Shop, you’ll receive an extensive franchise package, including full rights to the Chock Shop brand and a fully exclusive franchise territory. You’ll be offered comprehensive support, including on-site assistance, in order to help you set up your business and prepare for launch. You’ll get full training in all the areas you need. 

And, finally, your initial equipment and marketing materials will be provided, along with a comprehensive franchise operations manual created by your franchisor. To find out more about investing with Chock Shop, visit its profile page, linked above.

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