Chock Shop receives glowing review from franchisee

Chock Shop franchise

Chock Shop is an artisan producer of chocolate brownies. But not just any old brownie, using only the finest Belgian chocolate and many other luxury ingredients, we produce the UK’s most sumptuous selection of chocolate brownies.

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The dessert franchise that specialises in selling delicious, artisan brownies shared a testimonial from Bob, a recent Chock Shop franchisee.

Chock Shop was founded by Greg Shearman, and Greg poured all of his passion and skill into the dessert franchise so that he could create the tastiest brownies possible. Now, the network is thriving, and Greg and the entire team are thrilled to have received Bob’s review. Bob said, “I had helped out at some Chock Shop events at the weekend which sowed the seed. I was blown away at the euphoria of the public and their desire to buy brownies.”

Bob went on to explain that following this, he “heard about a suitable franchise area near [him] being available”. Upon discovering this, he quit his previous job - he’d spent 16 years travelling to and from Cornwall, driving long hours and distances with regularity, and was more than ready for a change - and chose to invest in Chock Shop, instead. 

Bob said, “Two days later I was the proud owner of a Chock Shop franchise. I now earn my old salary in one weekend of the month, and I’ve only been trading a handful of weeks. My aches and pains have left me. My quality of life is so different. All you need is a Chock Shop franchise and you will spend your life singing.”

If, like Bob, the idea of a profitable, dynamic and fun role in the food service industry appeals, you can become a Chock Shop franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £10,000, with franchise fees of £15,000 and a total investment cost of £15,000. After two years as a franchisee, your revenue is expected to reach an impressive £100,000. Find out more about franchising with Chock Shop via the dessert franchise’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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