Caremark Cheltenham & Tewkesbury franchisee enjoys varied multi-industry career

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Amber was a Virgin Airlines cabin crew member until she was furloughed due to COVID-19, but now she’s back in the air, she’s sticking with Caremark, too.

Amber’s professional double life is, in her eyes, ideal. She loves the caring profession and has done ever since looking after her own beloved grandfather, and when she joined the care franchise while furloughed, she found she really enjoyed the role. Now she’s working as a member of the Virgin cabin crew again, but she’s also decided to keep working with Caremark in a part-time capacity. In her words, “That flexibility is important to me. I enjoy both jobs and now when I don’t have a flight I can work for Caremark.”

Amber dove into her affinity for the caring sector, explaining that, “Me and mum moved in with my Grandad to care for him after he suffered dementia, and he also had carers coming in to help. I remember thinking that one of them just wasn’t very nice, and how I would not want a vulnerable person – someone’s loved one – being treated like that. So, when I joined Caremark, I was determined that I would treat clients the way I would treat my own grandad.”

While the job is hugely rewarding to her, Amber also shared very honestly that like many, she sometimes feels emotionally drained by it. She explained, “I thought it would be elderly people I would be caring for, but that’s not always the case. Some of the clients can be in their thirties and, for a variety of reasons, need help and care. It can be tough to see how vulnerable some people are, and of course you can build a relationship with someone and sadly they pass away – so you need to be able to cope with that and keep going.”

Essentially, Amber expressed, “Me and mum were there for my grandad and I find it heartbreaking that there is no-one there for some people, and that’s why I find this work with Caremark so rewarding.” If you’d like to enjoy a similarly meaningful and rewarding career, find out more about franchising with Caremark via the company’s profile page, linked above.

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