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Aire Serv has been sharing its top warning signs that a new home could end up becoming a ‘moneypit’.

Speaking to Reader’s Digest, Richard Ciresi, owner of Aire Serv in Louisville, Kentucky, warned those who are looking for a new home to be wary of certain warning signs. The heating and cooling services franchise wants its customers to know the difference between a property with ‘character’ and one that will leave you out of pocket and wasting time on repairs instead of enjoying your new home.

Ciresi explained that it’s normal to have slight burning smells in a home, particularly when the heating is first turned on after summer or briefly when you turn up the temperature. However, he warns that there are lots of burning smells that aren’t harmless and could end up costing more than you’d anticipated.

“An electrical burning odour could indicate an overheated blower motor, which could mean mechanical problems or frayed electrical wiring in your heater. Other odours like a gunpowder-like aroma could be from a fried circuit board or motor fan.”

He added that air conditioning can also cause problems for new home owners.
“Pungent smells from the air conditioning vents generally signal the air conditioner wire insulation is fried.”

Ciresi advised that you should always check the heating and air conditioning before purchasing the property, as he says that burning smells can be dangerous, as well as costly, potentially leading to life-threating house fires.

However, he adds that if you find any of these issues, a qualified heating or cooling technician should be able to inspect and resolve the problem before it becomes dangerous. Luckily for customers of Aire Serv, the franchise is able to handle both systems at once, giving you more value for money on your technicians.

With its 24/7 emergency callout service for any issues with heating or cooling systems, Aire Serv is a global leader in the heating and cooling franchise world.

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