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13/03/2018 08:00 | Business & B2B Services

A Bromley Business Doctor franchisee shares his success story on social media.

Bromley Business Doctor franchise owner, Lawrence Wilson, recently took to LinkedIn to share his first-year business success story. After slightly over a year of franchising business with Business Doctor, Lawrence was excited to celebrate by sharing his success story with his LinkedIn network. In an article Lawrence posted on LinkedIn, he spoke great lengths of the practical and hands-on advice for SMEs all around the world and of the many successes during the past year he has been franchising with Business Doctors. Lawrence shared the joys of his inaugural Breaking Big seminar where 50% over the expected local businesses turned up to listen to the solid business advice he had to share during the event. Lawrence highlighted the many perks that comes with his new Business Doctors franchise venture, that includes playing golf during a recent visit to FORE business and involvement with the Bromley Theatre Business Club. A very successful business year as a Business Doctor franchisee has tabled everything from new business speaking invitations to fostering close relationships at his local BNI and Mastermind Business Network meetings.

Not only has his Business Doctor franchise venture proven profitable, it has opened up a wealth of networking and dividend paying opportunities that has been at the very core of his franchising success. Lawrence Wilson is one of the many happy franchisees to see rapid and steadily growing success with Business Doctors. Launched in 2004, Business Doctors has since become one of the most successful franchises in the UK, with over 30 territories operating across the UK, eight regions in South Africa, including Johannesburg and offices in India, Malta, Republic of Ireland and now, Belgium.

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