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Jackson Fire and Security franchise

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This is a management franchise. Part of your role will be to recruit and manage a team of qualified fire and security engineers. You will also be responsible for developing commercial relationships and new business in your territory. No previous industry experience is required, you just need to have a strong sales background and the drive to grow a client base of repeat business service contracts. Full technical, marketing and accounting support is provided by the Franchisor.

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    2% of turnover
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    9% of turnover
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About Jackson Fire and Security

Jackson Fire and Security franchise opportunity

We offer fire alarm solutions, a range of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and fire risk assessments. Our knowledgeable technicians install security systems, high quality burglar alarms, CCTVs and access control systems.

We have gained the prestigious Gold standard accreditations for our dedication to always provide a customer orientated service and we have different types of customers ranging from blue chip manufacturers, fast food outlets, universities, local shops and public houses. Out Team of professionals and highly skilled engineers are extremely passionate about what we do and are experts in the different services we offer. Jackson Fire and Security is accredited by the BFA and is the first of its kind open for partnership across the UK. Its proven business model will give opportunity to desiring franchisees to maximise their potentials at the same time, profiting while helping the community. When you become a Jackson Fire and Security franchise owner, youll have the freedom to manage your own jobs, set your own schedules and generate your own income with the aid of a system that is proven to work.  

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Training and support provided

To get started, there would be a 20-day training programme to equip all the knowledge about Jackson and Security Business located at our Head Office. Training will include IFEDA fire safety, security systems, and practical business. There will also be supplemented by Security Industry induction courses, which will provide the professional qualifications required to deliver our service. Additionally, there will be an ongoing programme of value-added third-party accreditation training, which will help you develop your business skills and market credibility. Our marketing agency will help develop a marketing launch campaign and a Franchise Manager will continue to provide valuable guidance on amplifying your brand presence. Our engineers, designers and estimators will provide you with support on our different services and products and we will also provide desk and field support as you grow your business.  

The ideal Jackson Fire and Security franchisee

If you are a self-motivated business owner, then investing in a Jackson Fire and Security franchise is the way to go. We are looking for someone who has a sales background, strong interpersonal skills, drive and passion for customer service. The cost of investing in a franchise is £39,500 + VAT and this includes your license fee, training fee, stock and equipment, delivery of liveried and ply-lined vehicle, accreditation and marketing launch campaign. A minimum investment of £20,000 to £30,000 is needed, however, If you need help securing funds, we can contact our major bank partners to assist you to structure your investment.  

Jackson Fire and Security's history

Jackson Fire and Security started in 1991 by Steve Jackson along with co-founder Tim Fletcher. Steve saw the need to add more safety percussions in the market which led to building a full range of fire safety and security services. With the success of the business, it is now establish nationwide with branches in Wirral, Warrington, Liverpool, Cambridge and Leeds.   

Case studies

Jackson fire and security franchise case study

Jackson fire and security franchiseeLee Fowler knew all about Jackson Fire and Security as hed worked for them as a Project Manager for three years before launching his Wirral-based franchise in May 2014. While he didnt know a great deal about franchising, his experience with the company meant he was confident hed get the support he needed to make sure his franchise business became a success.

Lee had also previously worked as a service manager for another Wirral-based security company so, combined with his time at Jackson Fire and Security, he felt very comfortable taking on the franchise.

He says I was already effectively doing the job in-house so I knew the challenges for me were going to be more about learning how to run my own business and building my client base. But Im very independent and I was keen to be my own boss. I was ready to put the work in to succeed and the franchise gave me the perfect opportunity to make it all happen.

Knowing the industry beforehand helped Lee get the business off the ground quickly. Hes received ongoing support and has established a good customer base. Now hes been running the franchise for a while, what does he like about it in particular?

Its very difficult to choose one thing. I like the flexibility and variety that comes with the work and I like knowing I have the support of a well-established company who have an excellent professional reputation. They have the highest possible industry standards and accreditations and that doesnt just give our clients peace of mind; it also means the franchisees know they can get great advice and draw on the best possible support and expertise when they need it.

A business to be proud of through franchising

Case Study: Nigel Knowles Jackson Fire & Security

Nigel Knowles had enjoyed a successful career in the corporate sector. As an electronic engineer, hed always worked in niche, specialist areas but in recent years had moved into technical sales. His job took him all over the world.

Catalyst for change

Despite doing a job which called on his specific expertise, Nigel was becoming less and less satisfied with his work and the company which employed him.

Id always worked for large corporate organisations and could see how much money they were making, but that money seemed to be for the shareholders. The companies didnt always have the customers or employees in mind.

Feeling less than satisfied sometimes with how things were being run, I thought more and more: Why work for somebody else, when you can work for yourself?

Nigels job required a great deal of travel and he started to feel ready to do something closer to home. This, combined with his increasing desire to be at the helm of his own business, led Nigel to see what options were available to him.

Why franchising?

Nigel had given the idea of running his own business serious consideration over the years, but he acknowledged that his specialist area of expertise would have led him to develop a niche, high-end product which would have been challenging to get to market. He recognised he was just never going to do it, and so he started researching franchising.

I reflected on my skills and strengths and, even though I felt confident in my sales, service and general business skills, I acknowledged that its quite a leap from being an employee to being your own boss.

Investing in a franchise would give me a business in a box, so to speak, and thats what initially drew to me to consider franchising.
The reassurance that having a ready-made business provides when youre considering leaving employment is significant. To me, a franchise seemed like a much better option than starting from scratch on my own.

Why Jackson Fire & Security?

Nigel established in his discussions at the exhibition with Jackson Fire & Security that there were clear synergies between his career so far and this particular business.

It was immediately apparent that my background and experience with technical products meant I was a good fit for this business. Although the products are very different to what Id been working with, the principles were the same, and my skills were transferable.

Nigel was also impressed with their business model and the clear focus on delivering excellent customer service, so when he received a phone call after the event inviting him to attend a discovery day at the Jackson Fire & Security head office, he jumped at the chance.

The discovery day cemented my interest in this business and, as I learned more and more about it, I was sure this was the right franchise for me.

Making the leap

Having attended a discovery day and signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), Nigel was able to continue his due diligence, getting access to more head office staff and also existing franchisees.

In December 2017 he signed on the dotted line for the Warrington franchise. He participated in the six-week training plan which involved spending time at Jackson Fire & Security head office and out in the field with engineers.

Nigel started formally trading in April 2017, having recruited an engineer who would be out in the field while he focused on the business development side of things as Branch Director.

The first year

Nigel had realistic expectations of his first year in business and is pleased with his progress.

The first year in business is always going to be the most challenging, even when you take on a franchise. You need to put in some hard work, but its so much easier to be motivated when all your effort is to benefit your own business, your staff and customers.

The fire and security industry brings some unique demands in terms of accreditation and qualification standards, so the learning has continued with external training and qualifications, but Jackson have provided plenty of support with this aspect.

Its great to have a team available at head office to answer questions, and the network of other franchisees with whom to pool knowledge and experience.

Being your own boss

Now that Nigel has got his franchise established, hes looking forward to expanding his team and to growing his revenue. He reflects: With this franchise I am officially my own boss. While it is expected that you work within the franchise model, there is so much scope to stamp your own personality on the business. The day-to-day operations and how you deal with your customers is entirely down to you.

One of the things I disliked about the big corporate I worked for, was that it felt like revenue came before service. Now I can give the high standard of customer service I expect, and I can be a leader to my customers and my engineer.

Its also fantastic being in charge of my work schedule. There is flexibility there which you just dont get as an employee, and you can make decisions about what tasks and actions will benefit your business and you. It is your decision how you do things and when you do them.

For me, finding a franchise that allowed me to draw on my experience, expertise and passions has been the perfect way to become my own boss and to build a business I am proud of.