The Best UK Food Franchises in 2019

26/12/2018 18:00 | Food franchises

best uk food franchises

For as long as anyone can remember, restaurants and food-orientated businesses have been adopting the franchise model. In fact, food retailers and franchising seem as though theyre a match made in heaven.

The system allows businesses to expand rapidly across a large geographical area, ensuring their brand receives the maximum exposure, whilst also guaranteeing that the company retains some control over individual restaurants. For those who want to invest in and own a restaurant, the franchise system is the ideal investment mechanism. Franchisees benefit from assuming the identity of an established brand and receiving guidance from an experienced franchisor.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what food franchises are shaping up to have a big year in 2019.

Best big brands

Our first food franchise category is best of the big brands. This covers the most prestigious names in the industry and those businesses that most consumers will have heard of and come into contact with at some point in their lives. These franchises are also likely to be the most expensive on the market, as their reputations are worth a considerable amount to those franchisees who can afford the fees.

As the worlds largest restaurant chain in the world, theres no way that we could omit Subway from our list of top franchise brands. With over 44,000 outlets spread across the globe, Subway has developed one of the most extensive franchise networks in the world. This has equipped them with a great deal of expertise and experience all of which is used to benefit franchisees. To become a Subway franchisee, you'll need to invest approximately £200,000.

There are quite a few pizza franchises to consider when it comes to choosing a shortlist of 2019s biggest brands. However, we settled upon Dominos as the best investment for any would-be pizza franchisee. Not only does it have the biggest brand reach of any of the pizza restaurants on the market, but it's also worked hard to develop a world-class support system that gives its franchisees the best possible chance of success. Franchisees will need to be able to invest around £280,000 if they want to start up their own franchise unit.

Our final big brand for 2019 is Dunkin Donuts, which has operated for more than 70 years. It can rely on a remarkable amount of industry experience and has developed a comprehensive franchisee preparation programme. With an excellent marketing strategy and a strong presence in most key international markets, franchisees will quickly reap the rewards of their investment. Dunkin Donuts only offers area development agreements and is looking for franchisees who hope to one day operate a franchise network of around 20 locations. This requires around £3,000,000 in working capital.

Best new franchised brands

Our second category is best new franchised brand. It includes those franchises that are relatively new on the scene and have made something of a splash, attracting interest from a large number of investors in the process. These are franchises that are looking to hit the big time in 2019. Consequently, if youre hoping to get in on the ground floor and invest in a small business before it goes global, these are the businesses to consider.

There can be no doubt that vegetarian and vegan foods are becoming increasingly popular. Humpit hopes to capitalise on the boom in alternative eating habits to launch a hummus-based franchising empire. Early signs are good, with the business winning several entrepreneurial awards in its first few years. Investors will need to raise approximately £70,000 to fund a new franchise unit.

Though the companys secret recipe dates back to the 1950s, Wafflemeister only really started growing as a franchise in 2010. Focusing its efforts on handmade Belgian waffles, as well as crepes, gelato, milkshakes, and coffee, Wafflemeister is one of a growing number of dessert-based franchises to aim for the big leagues in 2019. A single franchise unit will cost approximately £150,000 to set up.

Making the most of a carefully considered and brilliantly executed branding, Wolf is the latest franchised restaurant to try its luck in the congested casual dining market. However, Wolfs excellent Italian street food menu marks it out as one to watch in the future. With just four locations to its name, Wolf is still a young franchise and has plenty of room to grow.

Best franchise alternatives

The final category is dedicated to those franchises that market themselves as a good alternative to the bigger franchise brands. These are the businesses to look to if you want to emulate one of the big brands but dont have the funds required to launch a McDonalds or KFC.

If youre searching for an alternative to popular burger franchises like McDonalds and Burger King, look no further than the gourmet burger sector and Loaded Burgers. One of many gourmet burger restaurants to launch in recent years, Loaded Burgers has emerged as the market leader as others have fallen by the wayside. Investors will need approximately £150,000 to launch a restaurant.

While Subway may be king of the sub sandwich market, that doesnt mean there arent pretenders to the throne. Baguette Express is a much-loved alternative to Subway and is growing in popularity all of the time. The franchise is renowned for its excellent support system and the guidance it provides all franchisees. Around £30,000 is required to launch a Baguette Express franchise unit.

Our final franchise is an alternative to the big dessert franchises (think Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme). CrepeAffaire serves fresh sweet and savoury crepes, as well as other hot foods. A big part of the franchises appeal is the open kitchen approach, which allows customers to see what goes on behind the scenes and makes theatre of the delicate and exciting cooking process. A CrepeAffaire franchise requires approximately £200,000 in investment.

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