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Sixt franchise information article

Whether you have experience of the car rental sector or not, you’ve probably come across Sixt. One of the world’s leading car rental companies, their long and fascinating history has endowed them with an enormous amount of experience and resulted in the formation of a worldwide network of dedicated franchisees. Despite this, the company is still looking to expand into new markets and grow its business. If you think you could be a Sixt franchisee, carry on reading to find out a little bit more.

Sixt Background

Sixt was born from the world’s oldest car rental company and can trace its roots back to 1912. Starting out with just three vehicles, Marin Sixt developed his company into the principal rental agent in Germany, before expanding internationally and opening up branches in France, Switzerland, and the UK.

The Sixt brand now encompasses thousands of locations in more than 100 countries, It has rolled its franchise system out around the world and is now supporting franchisees in countries as diverse as Mexico, South Korea, and Sweden. As it looks forward to its second century of business, it's hoping to add more franchisees to the team.

Franchise basics

Sixt is an international car rental company that specialises in quick, easy, and hassle-free car rental for customers that want to travel in comfort and style. However, Sixt doesn't just offer car rental services. They also specialise in car brokering, car sharing, limousines, and carpooling, amongst other things. This ensures that franchisees aren't restricted to just the one revenue stream, and they're able to add value to their business in many different ways.

Sixt is renowned for it’s forward-thinking approach to technological innovation and is always looking for ways to incorporate the latest technological developments into its business model. This means that franchisees are always at the forefront of the car rental industry. With Sixt, owning a franchise is about being part of long tradition of innovation and excellence that stretches right back to 1912. All franchisees are expected to look for new ways to expand their business but are also given the support and guidance required to achieve their goals. If you think you’ve got what it takes to run a franchise for one of the most prestigious car rental companies in the world, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

What level of investment is required?

The minimum level of investment required to open a Sixt franchise will vary depending on the specific territory in which you’re operating. This is also true of the franchise fee. Sixt put the franchise fee as ranging somewhere between £17,500 and £440,000, depending on your location. This means that the minimum initial investment will be more than £440,000.

Once the franchise is up and running, Sixt takes a 5% royalty fee, which they use to spend on developing the brand's international reach and attracting new customers. It may be possible to borrow a significant portion of the initial investment from a major lender, though this will typically depend on your circumstances and ability to cover some of the initial investment yourself.

What do franchisees get in return for their investment?

In return for their investment, franchisees will receive a considerable amount of support and guidance. During the startup period, Sixt will help you determine the optimal size and mix of vehicles in your fleet. Then they’ll put you through the Sixt Academy, where they’ll pass on 100 years of experience and teach you all you need to know about running a car rental franchise.

Before you launch your new unit, Sixt will also kit you and your team out with company uniforms and grant you access to the Sixt online marketing portal. This is where you’ll find all the marketing materials you’ll need to launch your new franchise and attract new customers.

Once you're up and running, Sixt provides ongoing support and assistance to ensure that your business can grow, adapt, and expand as it matures. You'll be able to make the most of the franchise's many contacts, including the 90+ airlines who have partnered with Sixt to ensure more than 250 million frequent flyers can find an affordable rental car whenever they need one.

Finally, Sixt franchisees will benefit from the company’s powerful digital systems and booking software, as well as advertising analytics support and assistance with pricing mechanisms. However, perhaps the most significant advantage of a Sixt car rental franchise is the global reach of the Sixt brand and the fact that millions of customers actively seek out their services whenever they need a rental car.

What kind of franchisee is Sixt looking for?

Sixt is a unique proposition for investors and, consequently, it is looking for unique franchisees. The business prizes the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication above all other qualities and does require that its applicants have some understanding of the local car rental market.

This makes a Sixt franchise an excellent opportunity for existing car rental company owners who want to take the next step, expand their business, and become part of Sixt franchise network. However, you don’t need to own a car rental business to apply. If you’ve had any experience in the sector, get in touch with the Sixt team and see whether you’ve got what it takes.

There can be little doubt that Sixt is one of the best franchises to buy in car rental sector. Not only does it benefit from an outstanding reputation, but it has also developed a highly effective franchise model that's been designed to benefit both franchisee and franchisor. Few car rental companies can offer the kind of package that Sixt passes on to its franchisees, and even fewer can provide the same kind of brand recognition. Over more than 100 years of business, Sixt has established a car rental company that benefits from both tradition and innovation. If you would like to be a part of that, contact us or take a look at the Sixt Point Franchise page.

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