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Project M Asia franchise mobile gaming franchise

A mobile gaming franchise. Thatís right. Not something you come across every day. And thatís because this unique and trail-blazing opportunity hasnít been presented to the market before. Starting a franchise with Project M Asia gives you the opportunity to be part of the worldís first mobile gaming franchise. The impressive opportunity introduces a brand new concept whereby you ďownĒ a ďmining levelĒ within a game.

A mining level? Sounds pretty complex, but actually, itís not. This franchise allows you to develop your very own mining level, with the help and support of the designated franchise team. Not only do you not have to have any technical experience, but you will be helped every step along the way of the three-year franchise term via the on-going support from the team including; online manuals, video tutorials and marketing collaterals.

Itís a great time to consider starting a franchise within the mobile gaming industry. It is now bigger than the movie and music industry put together and holds the title of the most popular entertainment medium in the world.

Project M Asia offers you the exciting opportunity to own your own lucrative franchise business by being a part of this pioneering investment concept.

How does it work?

Project Mís exciting game is based in a gold-mining game in which players mine for gold and then bank the virtual nuggets. Once, the player has banked enough virtual nuggets they can then trade them in for a real 24 carat gold bar, which is delivered to their home address anywhere in the world. Having already been launched in the App Store in 18 countries, the game will be rolled out across Android devices and globally later this year.

This revolutionary game is a world-first where players can be awarded real gold bars.. Understandably with this unique and appealing awarding USP, the game is expected to set the gaming world alight, just like Angry Birds and Candy Crush..

Once you become a franchisee, your first point of business is to develop and manage your mine. This includes being able to name, design and promote your level to attract players.

So, how do you make money? Revenue is generated by in app purchases and advertising revenues. So the more players you get into a gaming mine, the more money you will generate. You will be paid all of the profits generated in each mine minus the overhead costs to the App Store and allocation of gold. The earning of revenue is extremely lucrative in the mobile gaming world and Project M Asia can show you exactly how much you can earn.

Whatís required?

You donít have to be a gaming pro or a computer whiz to invest in this internet franchise. No previous industry experience or knowledge is needed as full training and support is provided.

Even though you will be responsible promoting your mining level, you are not expected to be a social media guru. The franchise team will be on hand to help you promote the level, whether it be via the various social media platforms on offer or text and email. This is an integral part of the marketing strategy as games that go viral quickly are the most lucrative in terms of driving revenue.

This franchise opportunity is ideal if you want the flexibility and freedom of being your own boss while working from the comfort of your own home. Youíre able to become part of this game franchise from anywhere in the world and only have to commit to working a minimum of one hour per month initially.

You also donít need to worry about committing to being a franchisee for the long-term. The investment term is for just three years with an optional extension opportunity for no additional fee.

Case study

Martin and Jack were looking to make a franchise investment and were attracted to Project M because it's within the extremely lucrative mobile gaming industry. Neither had experience in this area or were big game players, but both understood the size of the opportunity they were being presented with.

Starting a franchise was a scary prospect at first, but Martin and Jack were excited by the novel investment concept and were comforted by the support that was on offer. The Project M team have been on hand to answer any concerns or questions that Martin and Jack have had, and they would recommend the opportunity to anyone thinking of becoming a franchisee.

Just like Martin and Jack, Peter had known very little about the mobile gaming industry but had read about the success of other gaming apps and so wanted a piece of the action. Peter wanted to make an investment that would give him a new focus and Project M has certainly provided that. He loves that heís part of a company with other ambitious, like-minded individuals with the potential to make a considerable profit.

Peter has also been impressed with the level of support heís received both from an initial training perspective through to the ongoing support thatís on offer. Heís glad that he chose to take advantage of this rare and exciting opportunity.

Financial information

The investment you make depends on the size of the mine you choose. The larger the mine, the more time the player spends looking for gold, therefore, generating higher revenue for you.

The Ďstandardí level starts at £30,000 for 6,250 square feet, increasing to £160,000 for the Ďmegaí level seeing you own a huge 50,000 square feet. Whichever level you choose, the support and guidance youíll receive from the team will remain the same.

There are no ongoing costs or fees, and your returns will be paid quarterly. This is a unique opportunity to invest in a low-cost internet franchise with high levels of returns anticipated. There are a limited number of mining levels available to maximise the profits of investors, so if you're interested, you'll need to act fast before it's game over.

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