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Car repair franchise opportunities in the UK

If you have a passion for cars, you may have always dreamt of owning your own auto-orientated business. In the franchising sector, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. It's not just for car lovers though. Anyone with a firm grasp of business fundamentals can see that there's money to be made in the car repair sector. Fortunately, the franchise model allows you to take advantage of this opportunity even if you have no previous experience in the auto industries. Here, we take a look at three of the most exciting car repair franchises and discuss what makes them unique.

Car repair business for sale

The car repair industry seems to lend itself particularly nicely to franchising. In recent years, the number of van-based franchises specialising in auto repairs has grown by a significant amount. However, there still exists a wide gulf between those businesses that are capable of exploiting franchising's strengths and those that provide an inferior service.

To succeed in the extremely competitive world of car repairs, businesses need to be able to differentiate themselves and set themselves apart. All three of the franchises we've highlighted below do just that. In one way or another, they stand separate from the crowd and have become industry leaders in the process.



ChipsAway franchise

Be your own boss with a turn-key ChipsAway franchise. ChipsAway guarantee that all new franchisees will receive [...]

£15,000 +VAT Minimum investment
Van Based
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ChipsAway specialises in Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) and offers repair services to vehicle owners across the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ChipsAway has had time to perfect both their business model and franchise package. The result is a franchise that's well suited to individuals with a burning desire to succeed and the ability to successfully implement the franchise's plan.

Each franchise unit is operated from a mobile workshop, giving franchisees the freedom to travel far and wide to attend callouts. As a van-based franchise, overheads are also lower, and franchisees can spend less to make more. This is backed by the franchisors guarantee that every new franchise will receive at least £80,000 worth of prospective work enquiries in the first year.

The franchise support system is extensive and encompasses all the training youll need to begin working as a ChipsAway franchisee. The four-week training period at the start of your franchise ownership covers both practical repair techniques and business management, ensuring youre fully equipped to run your own business.

Prospective franchisees will require an investment of £29,995 +VAT, but its also possible to buy into the organisation at the lower rate of £15,000 +VAT. For this investment, franchisees receive all the help they need from head office to get up and running.

Revive! Auto Innovations


Revive! Auto Innovations franchise
Revive! Auto Innovations

Our franchise owners provide a vital service, repairing damage to car and van paintwork, including bumper scuffs, [...]

£15,000 Minimum investment
Car & Automotive
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Revive! Auto innovations are also specialists in SMART processes and are particularly adept at repairing damaged paintwork, scuffs, bumps, chips, and unwanted marks on alloys. Established initially as a one-man business in 1994, the franchise now encompasses more than 70 franchisees and over 130 vans. The franchise also recently won the 2018 HSBC Franchise Support Award for the work the central franchisor team put in to support franchisees.

Revive! differs from many other van-based repair franchises by granting each franchisee a territory that's designed to accommodate at least three vehicles. This means that franchisees need to expand if they're to realise the full potential of their territory. This requires individuals who are motivated, determined and driven to succeed. Not everyone can make it as a Revive! Auto Innovations franchisee.

That being said, the franchise does offer its franchisees some the most respected training opportunities in the industry and will teach every individual who passes through their programme a great deal. The Revive! training facility is recognised by the Institute of Motor Industries (IMI) as an accredited assessment centre.

If you're considering becoming a Revive! franchisee, you'll need to raise an initial investment of £27,500 +VAT. Of this amount, at least £10,000 must be a personal investment. The franchise is currently looking for individuals who have experience in sales and have a natural affinity for "hands-on" work. Previous experience in the auto repair industry is by no means necessary but can be useful. Even more helpful are excellent communication skills, a willingness to learn, and the desire to thrive as the owner of your own business.

Wheel Wizard

Wheel Wizard market themselves as the largest wheel and bodywork repair specialists in the UK. As another van-based franchise, its relatively affordable and provides franchisees with a great deal of flexibility. The original business was founded in 1993, though it wasnt until 2005 that it adopted the franchise model. It has since partnered with Dent Wizard and Flying Colours to provide a complete set of repair and refurbishment services.

Wheel Wizard is also a van-based franchise and franchisees can expect to travel extensively throughout their territory, responding to callouts on a daily basis. Whether the customer needs work to standard, split, dual colour, or custom rims, Wheel wizard have the tools to deal with the situation. The franchise also works closely with dealerships, auction houses, and commercial customers to ensure individual vehicles and entire fleets are kept in the appropriate condition.

To become a Wheel Wizard franchisee, a total investment of £20,000 is required. Financing is available from a wide variety of major lenders and anywhere up to 70% of this figure can be borrowed. In return, franchisees will receive eight weeks of technical training, as well as some business management training, and the franchisor continues to provide ongoing support when and where it is necessary.


There is an incredible number of car repair franchises to choose between, yet few can provide the kind of opportunity offered by our three listed franchises. All three have been highlighted due to their proven record of success and ability to turn the vast majority of new franchisees into successful business owners. With van-based franchises, the amount and the quality of support you receive from the franchisor often determines your success. Thats why weve opted for franchises that do everything they can to ensure your business is as profitable as can be.

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