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Start a Sign Company with a Franchise

In order to navigate our way through life we rely heavily on signs. Whether it’s driving down a road, choosing which restaurant to dine in or knowing the direction of the toilets, signs are an essential means of transmitting information. For this reason, it [...]

Pizza Express Franchise - Do They Really Franchise?

Originally posted on 24/11/2018. Updated on 14/05/2019. Over the years, Pizza Express has become one of the country’s most popular pizza restaurants. Established in London in 1965, customers have the chain’s founder, Peter Boizot to thank for the authentic [...]

Mobile Coffee Business: Start Your Own

Originally posted on 11/10/2018. Updated on 14/05/2019. Relaxing over a fresh cup of aromatic coffee is one of the finest pleasures in life- and it’s an opinion shared. According to Allegra World Coffee Portal, the UK coffee shop market is worth £10. [...]

Which are better – franchises or joint ventures?

Originally posted on 29/05/2018. Updated on 11/05/2019. There is a reason why the franchising business model is so popular. More than 44,000 franchise units are currently in operation in the UK, employing more than 620,000 people. They are familiar with the [...]

What Is A Pilot Franchise?

Originally posted on 06/12/2017. Updated on 13/05/2019. Franchising is a cost-effective way for a successful business to expand. When you adopt the franchise route, you can benefit from motivated franchisees that really care about the success of the brand. [...]

Coffee 1 Franchise – What is Involved?

Since it was founded in 2001, Coffee 1 has grown into one of the UK’s most successful coffee brands. The company’s talented baristas are waking customers up across the country every morning with the smell of freshly roasted beans. With humble roots in Cardi [...]

Hire A Hubby Franchise Opportunity

Hire A Hubby is an Australian business and home improvement franchise that provides ‘handyman’ services to its customers – presumably single women who lack the self-assurance to carry out these jobs themselves – in different locations, including in homes, s [...]

Find a Location for Your Restaurant

When starting a franchise - regardless of the sector - choosing the right location is crucial and can dictate your businesses fortunes. Before making any commitments, you need to ensure that you can entice enough customers to make reasonable profit. Reading [...]

Start Your Own Mobile Fish and Chip Van Business

Brits are famous for their love of fish and chips, and it’s no mystery as to why this is. The dish has been part of our diet since the mid-1800s and, according to the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), British consumers eat 382 million fish and chip [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About TaxAssist Accountants

TaxAssist Accountants is a UK franchise business that helps individuals and small businesses with their finances. But it doesn’t just work with tax, as its name suggests. Its areas of expertise also include bookkeeping, business plans, payroll, employment l [...]

Who is the CEO of Lush?

Lush is a well-known retailer of “fresh, handmade cosmetics” in the UK. Drawing customers in from the street with the exotic and intoxicating fragrance of its creations, Lush has a huge customer base of ethically-minded consumers. Toiletries and cosmetics [...]

Does Apple Franchise?

Today’s generation are technology obsessed. Generation Z and millennials are particularly accustomed to being glued to their smartphones and tablets. In fact, a study in 2018 revealed almost a fifth of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 were on their [...]

Selling A Franchise - How To Do It The Right Way

Originally posted on 24/01/2018. Updated on 10/05/2019. When you first bought your franchise unit, you were probably more concerned with getting it up and running than selling it on in the long run. But the prospect of selling a franchise is something that [...]

Child Care Agency: How to Start Your Own

So long as we continue to have children and live our busy lives, the demand for child care services will remain prevalent. In fact, the market has continued to grow year on year and showed an impressive resilience to the UK financial crisis in 2008. Experts [...]

Recession Proof Businesses - Considered Franchising?

It is not only profitability that you should be considering when you’re looking at business opportunities. One thing entrepreneurs want to be sure of when they start a business is that it will survive changes in the economic climate. A business that can sur [...]

Start Your Own Tea Business with a Franchise

We don’t need to tell you that tea is a big seller in the UK. Alongside coffee, it is one of the most popular hot drinks on offer and has a history that spans centuries. It is thought that around 100 million cups of tea are consumed every single day, but th [...]

Start Your Own Landscaping Business with a Franchise

The landscaping industry provides a range of services, including design alteration, the addition of ornamental features and planting trees and plants to public sector entities, private households and commercial establishments. There are approximately 17,433 [...]

Jollibee – A Rising Star on the UK Franchising Scene?

Originally posted on 06/11/2018. Updated on 08/05/2019. Although the restaurant chain Jollibee is not a household name here in the UK, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world. The brand offers products that appeal [...]

Develop Your Own Business Car Leasing Franchise

Business cars are crucial in facilitating the day-to-day running of a company. They need to be reliable enough to get employees to meetings and are instrumental in making a good impression to clients. Therefore, it is important that businesses choose the mos [...]

Top B2B Franchises in the UK

Originally posted on 12/10/2017. Updated on 06/05/2019. While many people might not understand the full significance of the B2B industry, it plays a huge role in the modern economy. B2B (business-to-business) companies exchange products, services or inform [...]

Open a Dessert Franchise: A Mouth-Watering Opportunity

Originally posted on 03/11/2017. Updated on 07/05/2019. It’s safe to say that Brits have a sweet tooth and enjoy indulging in delicious desserts after a meal or as a treat – so sweet in fact that the UK baked goods sector is worth a staggering £3.6 bil [...]

Understanding the Franchising Code of Conduct

Originally posted on 03/01/2018. Updated on 07/04/2019. Franchising is an increasingly popular way of expanding a business in the modern world, but the word ‘franchising’ still has no official legal definition. Even more concerning, there is no formal regul [...]

Start a Road Transport Franchise

In the 21st century there have been remarkable technological advancements that have made ordering and sending a diverse range of products across the globe possible - and relatively straightforward. Pretty much anything can be delivered by road transport, for [...]

Music Franchises in the UK - What Are the Best Opportunities in 2019?

Research has shown that music can strengthen your memory, improve your mood, relieve stress, ease depression and even boost running performance – and that is just in adults. There is a whole host of different benefits for children who listen to music or part [...]

The Travel Franchise - What’s Involved?

Sun-seeking Brits are travelling overseas in record numbers. It is thought that 86 percent of the UK population went on holiday in the UK or abroad between August 2017 and August 2018 (ABTA’s 2018 Holiday Habits Report). However, the uncertainty of Brexit c [...]

How to Start a Handyman Business

Tradespeople across the UK are generating incredible returns. Some are earning up to six times the minimum wage from changing lightbulbs, fixing leaky pipes and mowing lawns across the country. Starting your own handyman franchise comes at a low cost of inv [...]

Budget for Starting Your New Restaurant

Budgeting is important for any business. It allows you to better understand your financial situation, predict upcoming challenges and, ultimately, grow the business. However, creating a budget is especially important when you’re starting up a venture. Your [...]

Post Office Franchise in the UK

The Post Office is one of the biggest and most important businesses in the UK. Specifically, it is the largest retail network and financial services chain in the UK, boasting 11,500 outlets – that’s a higher number than the entirety of the UK’s banks and bui [...]

Meet the CEO of Premier Inn

Premier Inn is a huge hotel chain with over 800 hotels and 76,000 rooms providing guests with a restful night’s sleep across the UK and Ireland. It is the UK’s leading budget hotel brand and you are never too far from its purple crescent moon logo, with hote [...]

Does LEGO Franchise in the UK?

LEGO is the family-owned company that is behind the colourful children’s bricks and toys we know and love across the world. Since being established in 1932, LEGO has built on its core product – the LEGO brick – to create a whole line of products that can be [...]