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The Best Dog Care Franchises in the UK

Pet owners will be quick to tell you how much joy their furry friend brings them and the extent to which they improve their quality of life. Dogs, in particular, have a way of showing unconditional love to their owner. This love has been proven to decrease [...]

Waffle House in the UK

Waffles have been around for hundreds of years. Many countries claim ownership of the waffle; while many link the versatile snack to France or Ancient China. The term ‘waffle’ can be derived from the Dutch word for ‘wafer’. Waffles are thought to have been e [...]

Help Yourself to a Vending Machine Franchise

Originally Posted on 07/03/2019, Updated on 07/04/19Unbelievably there is one vending machine for every 139 people in the UK. That’s a lot of tea and coffee – ten million cups a day to be exact! The variety and convenience of vending machines is hard to re [...]

Olive Garden in the UK- Does it Franchise?

Italian food is a firm favourite among us Brits. The cuisine is the most popular choice with the average Londoner, with around 80 percent of the London sample tested bringing the comforting, garlicy aromas of Italian food to their kitchens more often than an [...]

Does Waterstones Franchise?

As one of the biggest names in the book industry, Waterstones is a common sight on the British high street and has been for over 35 years. While many people assume that the rise in digital technology and the dominance of streaming platforms such as Netflix a [...]

CEO of Wagamama – Meet The Boss

Wagamama serves up Japanese-style cuisine all over the world. Though the UK is the restaurant’s leading market, the chain has restaurants across Europe, North America and the Middle East. It has recently opened new premises in Spain and Saudi Arabia, and asp [...]

GDK Franchise – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About German Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab is a favourite of many of us here in the UK. The naughty takeaway food, which isn’t exactly great for your waistline but does wonders to soak up a boozy night of excess or celebrate the end of the week, is also eaten by millions of people across [...]

Nespresso Franchise

Founded in 1986, Nespresso is a premium coffee brand that belongs to the Nestlé Group. The brand produces its own coffee, manufactures award-winning machines and has its own network of boutiques which showcase Nespresso’s range of coffee blends. Only an esti [...]

Hotel Chains- Who Franchises?

The UK’s hospitality sector is booming. Its estimated worth is cited as being between £100 billion and £130 billion. It’s thought that the hotel business could have added as much as £72 billion to the UK’s economy since the devastating recess [...]

Hair Salon for Sale in the UK

The hairdressing industry creates a large range of employment opportunities, with big businesses and independent companies competing alongside each other in a creative market. The powerful influence that emerging and evolving fashion trends have on our soci [...]

American Burger Chain Franchises in the UK

The UK can thank the US for many of its trends, and this includes our love of burgers. Although it is thought to have originated in Hamburg in the 1800s (hence the name ‘hamburger’), beef patties have been served up between a bread bun in America since the e [...]

Fashion Brands - What Franchises Are There?

Everyone needs to buy clothes at some point, but the UK’s annual expenditure on clothing has increased over the years and now contributes £66 billion to the UK economy. Not only is the clothing industry booming, but it is also undergoing numerous change [...]

International Franchise Expo 2019

The International Franchise Expo is the leading annual event in the franchise industry. Whether its domestic or international expansion, selling single units, master franchises or area developments, this show has it all and all under one roof. Join thousands [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Auntie Anne's Pretzels Franchise

Auntie Anne’s is a global food franchise that sells American pretzels and other sweet and savoury dough-based snacks. The business began its life in 1988, when “Auntie” Anne and Jonas Beiler set up a pretzel and lemonade stall at a farmers’ market in Downing [...]

Create Your Own Fashion Accessories Shop

The UK fashion industry is one of the most creative and vibrant business sectors, contributing an astonishing £66 billion to the British Economy (Fashion United). In 2018, compared to 2002, the average person buys 60 percent more clothing items and keep [...]

Start A Juice Business

Many of us are becoming increasingly health conscious and want more options for healthy eating when we’re out and about. This desire for healthy options extends to what we’re drinking, meaning many of us try to choose nutrient packed juices and smoothies whe [...]

Do Sports Direct Franchise?

Sports clothing and footwear have grown into seriously lucrative industries. Athleisure (sporty clothes that can be worn both for working out and relaxing) is estimated to be worth around £2.5billion, with retailers from budget to high-end boutique get [...]

Superdry Franchise in the UK

Brits spend, on average, a whopping £1,042 a year on keeping their wardrobes fresh (Ariel). Men tend to spend more on their clothes, but women are likely to go shopping more often. Also, it has been found that the women’s clothing market is growing eac [...]

Tea Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Us Brits love a good cuppa. For many of us, it’s hard to beat the classic breakfast tea, which seems to be the perfect drink for every occasion. Stressed? Tea will calm you down. Happy? Cuppas all round! But in recent years, many of us have branched out int [...]

H&M CEO- Who Is It?

Global fashion giant H&M has stores all over the world. Based in Stockholm, the Swedish company reported significant sales growth across 2017 and 2018. As well as capitalising on online sales, H&M opened 497 new stores in 2017 alone to increase its h [...]

Martial Arts Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Martial arts are a form of physical activity that is popular among both adults and children. There are many different types, but in general, they aim to give those who practise martial arts the ability to physically defend themselves, promoting living in har [...]

Automotive Leasing Franchises in the UK

The vehicle rental and leasing industry contributes almost £50 billion to the UK economy every year and employs more than 465,000 people. It is estimated that, in 2017, rental and leasing businesses spent £30 billion on more than 1.8 million vehicl [...]

Does New Look Franchise in the UK?

New Look is one of the UK’s most popular fashion brands, with almost 800 stores across the country. It also has an international presence, with a further 100 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It offers the latest trends to its young target audi [...]

Chicken & Waffles- Why Not Create Your Own Restaurant?

Food trends originating in the US have had an overwhelming influence on what we eat in the UK and across the globe. Half of our meat consumption in Britain is chicken, which indicates how popular and universal the protein-rich food is. As well as healthy-ea [...]

Does Next Franchise in the UK?

International fashion retail brand Next has over 700 stores across the globe. Over 500 of these are located in the UK, where Next is listed as a FTSE 100 company. The retail giant provides over 43,000 jobs in the UK alone and has a presence on most of the co [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Ramsden's

Since the dish first appeared in the 1860s, fish and chips has been a British food favourite for generations. Whether you’re eating them as a takeaway by the sea or eating them gourmet-style in a restaurant, Brits of all ages can’t get enough of the classic [...]

Start Your Own Barber Shop With a Franchise

Since 2015, the men’s barber industry has boomed. According to Forbes, it is expected to be valued at an astonishing $26 billion (£19.9 billion) by 2020. This statistic is hardly surprising, considering the developing pace of the male grooming movement [...]

American Burger: How To Start Your Own American Burger Restaurant

The burger is a firm favourite among Americans and Brits alike. Dating back to the late 19th century, the beef patty is one of America’s most popular foodstuffs and creates $73 billion for the economy. The burger as we know it today is a regular meal for man [...]

How to Create Your Own Wedding Company

Being part of the team that helps make wedding days so special can be a very exciting and rewarding job. It’s widely accepted that weddings are an expensive event, with the organisers having to shell out on photographers, bands, florists, catering, dresses, [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Wooden Floor Store

The Wooden Floor Store The Wooden Floor Store sells wood, laminate, vinyl and artificial grass flooring from a range of big-name brands including Bois De Vie, Causeway, Floored and Balento. These flooring solutions aren’t just sold to the public, however; [...]