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Business Training - Do It Yourself with a Franchise

If you want to combine a passion for education with business ownership, the best way to go about it is by joining a business coaching franchise. Below, we take a look at what business training entails and which franchises you can work with to make your drea [...]

7 Eleven in the UK - Do They Franchise?

Within the US, 7 Eleven are the biggest retail chain and a popular choice among consumers in all 50 states. Over the last few years, the business has also developed a strong international presence. However, this doesn't include the UK. Here, we take a look [...]

Nando’s CEO - Who is it?

Over the last two decades, few brands can claim to have been as successful in the UK market as Nando’s. The Portuguese-inspired chicken chain is now one of the country’s biggest brands and continues to grow its operations around the globe. Here, we take a l [...]

Sushi Restaurants - What Franchises Are There?

Over the last decade, UK consumers have developed a taste for sushi and are now spending considerable amounts in sushi restaurants and on high street lunch sets. This makes launching a sushi franchise a very appealing investment. You may also be interested [...]

The Best UK Food Franchises in 2019

For as long as anyone can remember, restaurants and food-orientated businesses have been adopting the franchise model. In fact, food retailers and franchising seem as though they’re a match made in heaven. The system allows businesses to expand rapidly acr [...]

Our Top 5 Franchise Business Ideas for 2019

Franchising had a big year in 2018 and all signs point towards an even better 2019. With more and more businesses adopting the franchise model as a means of facilitating impressive growth across the UK, would-be franchisees have never had so many investment [...]

Right at Home UK - Start Your Own Care Franchise

The private health and social care sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK, and would-be franchisees will be pleased to know that there is an increasing number of excellent investment opportunities in the industry. Here, we take a look at how the hom [...]

Auto Shops: Join the Automotive Sector with a Franchise

Whether you have experience of the auto repair sector or not, auto repair franchises are an excellent investment opportunity. As the vast majority of these business offer full training, you could soon be equipped with an entirely new skill set and be managi [...]

Dessert Restaurants: What Franchises Are There in the UK?

In recent years, dessert restaurants have become an increasingly common feature of UK high streets. Whereas dessert was once a mere afterthought, now there are entire international franchises selling nothing but desserts. Here, we take an in-depth look at w [...]

Work from Home Travel Agent: Do It with Your Own Franchise!

If you’ve always wanted to operate your own business from the comfort of your own home, the franchising sector may prove the simplest means of achieving this goal. Travel agents, in particular, are well suited to both remote working and the franchise model. [...]

Denny’s in the UK - Can You Franchise with Them?

Denny’s is one of the United States’ most reputable fast food chains and a popular choice of restaurant amongst those who appreciate good food and the company’s all-night service. However, Denny’s is yet to have an enormous impact on the UK market. Here, we [...]

Falafel Restaurant: Start a Franchise

Everyone loves a little falafel – even the hard-core meat eaters out there. Despite this, there are relatively few falafel franchising opportunities out there on the market. Here, we take a look at why falafel is a tempting investment and what consideration [...]

Hardee’s in the UK - Do They Franchise?

Hardee’s is well known throughout the United States, but the brand is yet to reach UK shores. Consequently, investors are always interested in news and rumours concerning the business making a move across the Atlantic. Here, we take a look at why the busine [...]

Web Development Company: Start One Yourself

The digital industries are often identified as the future of the UK economy. If this is true, now is the time to invest in a web development business and secure your career’s future. High demand for web development services means that there will always be p [...]

Furniture Restoration Businesses: Develop Your Own with a Franchise

If you’re looking for an affordable franchise that can equip you with useful skills and is likely to prove a highly profitable investment, you may want to consider a furniture restoration business. Here, we take a look at the industry in general before taki [...]

Techclean: What's Involved in Starting a Franchise?

While the vast majority of “standard” cleaning businesses offer pretty straightforward commercial cleaning services, there’s one franchise that stands out for its specialist expertise. Techclean is a professional IT equipment cleaner. Dealing with technolog [...]

Hummus Bar – Create Your Own!

Hummus is popular amongst a diverse range of consumers, but younger customers particularly favour it. Students and young professionals, alongside middle-class families, have driven a surge in demand for hummus and made it one of the most attractive investme [...]

Business Mentor - Do It Yourself with a Franchise

Business mentoring and coaching is becoming an increasingly popular option among entrepreneurs with excellent communication and management skills. Here, we take a look at why this is the case and how you can go about launching your own business mentoring fr [...]

Sushi Bar Franchises: What is there?

If you’re looking to get into franchising and see the food industry as your best option, you may want to consider investing in a sushi franchise. With a wide range of investment opportunities on offer, there’s a sushi business to suit every taste. Japanese [...]

Fish and Chips Restaurant Franchises: Do It Yourself!

Brits love nothing more than visiting a fish and chips restaurant for the perfect comfort food. Enjoyed wrapped in paper walking along the seafront or being served in a fancy diner, there is no better feeling than a bag of hot fish and chips. Although more [...]

Sushi Samba London: Do They Franchise in the UK?

In recent years, fusion foods have become an increasingly popular way of bringing something new to the global restaurant scene. Sometimes, the combinations of cuisines may appear a little strange. However, there’s typically a good reason for these diverse c [...]

Carl's Jr in the UK

Carl’s Jr is a household name in its native USA. However, in the UK, relatively few consumers know the name. As a popular and successful franchise that has successfully expanded into other international markets, we wondered whether Carl’s Jr is ever likely [...]

Children Nursery Business: Are There Franchises?

If you’re passionate about working with children and want to make a career out of looking after young ones, you might want to consider starting your own franchised nursery. Here, we take a look at the childcare industry in general, before turning our attent [...]

Makeup Shop Businesses - Start Your Own Franchise!

For many people, starting your own makeup business is a dream come true. Not only does it allow you to combine your passion and profession, but it can also be remarkably profitable, too. Here, we take a look at what you need to do if you're considering star [...]

Who Is The CEO of BP?

Any UK driver will instantly recognise BP’s iconic green and yellow logo, and the company remains one of the most well-known and reputable oil producers in the world. However, not many consumers know who runs the business and who is responsible for its futu [...]

Pizza Restaurant Franchises: Create Your Own!

It’s easy to see why Brits have fallen in love with pizza. The Italian dish can be customised to suit all palates, it’s affordable, and it tastes delicious. But have you ever thought about investing in a pizza restaurant franchise? Pizza restaurant names [...]

Clothes Shop Franchise Businesses in the UK

The women’s clothing market grew by 3.2% in 2017 to reach £28.4 billion according to Mintel’s UK Womenswear Report 2018. Experts anticipate that the market will continue to grow by 14% between 2018 and 2022 to reach £33.5 billion as women prioriti [...]

Online Tutoring Jobs: Do It Yourself with a Franchise Business

According to research commissioned by the Sutton Trust charity, 27% of young people in England and Wales have received some form of private tuition, compared to just 18% in 2005. And this number is even higher for London based pupils, with a whopping 41% th [...]

Pretzels in the UK: Who Are Franchising?

The soft pretzel is a tasty, fresh snack that can be enjoyed on the move at any time. This makes it the perfect takeaway for busy Brits on the go. But where did the humble pretzel originate? The history of the pretzel The pretzel is believed to have origi [...]

ComputerXplorers: What’s Involved?

ComputerXplorers Unique Computer Classes for Children Start an online franchise with one of the very first digital marketing franchises in the UK. Build up your own [...] £10,500 Minim [...]