Optical franchise opportunities

Eye health matters more than ever. Particularly as the average age of the British public continues to rise due to medical breakthroughs that ensure we live much longer than previous generations.

There are now over two million people in the UK living with some degree of sight loss. And sight-threatening conditions are rising, especially diabetes which has increased by 60% over the previous decade. It all means that having enough optometrists available to meet demand is crucial. But what are the options for those who want to become their own boss, and what is an optical franchise?

Why many choose optical franchise start-ups

Increasing pressure on the NHS means that demand is even higher for optometrists in private optical businesses - examining and testing eyes and providing diagnosis and advice on visual problems.

However, running your own business is complex. The beauty of an optical franchise is that it is your own venture, but you have the backing and support of a proven business model. This can include crucial help from day one – finding the right premises, tackling planning regulations and equipping your optical business with the latest technology at a feasible cost. Familiar branding and marketing support – especially a website – can provide a ready-made customer base and helps build local contacts and contracts. A franchise also means support with training, insurance and legal compliance, all issues that can trip up independent ventures.

Who is who of optical franchising

The range of business partners for you to choose from, in becoming your own boss, depends on the level of the market you want to go into and your desired location.

Boots Opticians and Vision Express offer start-up packages for optical franchises, as does Leightons Opticians. Qualified optometrists seeking an optical store front are also being supported by Flame Health Optometry. Looking into this further – and gathering clear facts on the right optical franchise partner – all starts by contacting us.

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Boots Opticians

The largest and most established retail optical franchise in the UK.

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