2PS franchise

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2PS franchise

Management Consultants That Play Nice

2PS provides a lean, cost-effective alternative to big consulting firms, using the latest technology to provide the best independent consultants and an increasing pool of top talents. By encouraging collaboration between field leaders, 2PS' licenses provide the exact skills a business is missing to stand out above the rest.

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    Expenses only
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    £3,000 p/year
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About 2PS

2PS are offering a management consultancy franchise opportunity!

2PS Franchise B2B & management2PS is an international collective of 600+ independent management and strategy consultants, who collaborate because they trust in each other. Together, we act as an alternative to large consulting firms. 2PS is already implemented in 20 countries, and we want to expand to new cities and countries.

Buying a 2PS license allows to run your own consulting firm but affiliated to the 2PS collective that uses the software developed by 2PS to manage autonomous consultants.


A turnkey business solution..

It is an easy way to have a turnkey consulting firm that runs smoothly with independent consultants. Owners of a 2PS license do not have to be consultants.

The advantages of a license model over the traditional model over creating a whole new business are well known and documented. For consulting services clients, a provider affiliated to an international network is more attractive than a consulting boutique. For obvious reasons, an entrepreneur who needs business consulting will turn more naturally to a network of consultants (even if they are independent) spread over dozens of countries than to a small local company with employees.

This animation outlines what the role of a licensee is:

Training and support provided

The 2PS franchise system offers the following training and support:

  • Initial Training, Manual
  • On-demand Support
  • One on One coaching
  • Online visibility & exposure boost
  • Sales training
  • Promotional products

The ideal 2PS franchisee


  • You have the capacity to manage people. You are an innovative thinker that can attract, develop and mentor top independent management and business consultants, with the support of your Regional Manager
  • You’re analytical and optimization is top of mind. You work closely with your League's members to successfully develop consultancy offers adapted to local business owners and decision-makers.
  • You maximize sales and implement growth strategies to improve overall league performance leading the way with innovation and change strategies.
  • Meet financial objectives by analyzing profit and loss statements, forecasting, planning and taking accountability ensuring your locations meet their budget goals and taking action as necessary.
  • You are disciplined and can set expectations and timelines. You evaluate information and troubleshoot to reach your team objectives.
  • You enjoy being able to share your knowledge and experience to help others, a professional coach and mentor with amazing communication skills.
  • Self-motivated, versatile and flexible. You are a natural problem solver that leads by example and the first to show the way with organizational change.
  • You are the picture of professionalism when representing 2PS at all times, you can communicate at all levels and represent our Play Nice brand.

Your background ideally includes:


  • Great sales skills, you know how to sell services to business owners and convince them to trust your team.
  • Three to five years of management experience, preferably in the business to business services or in the consultancy industry environment.
  • Professional, innovative leader that can direct change management and deliver results.
  • You’re organized, you’re a multi-tasker with strong time management skills.
  • Community animation guru, you can attract, coach, develop and implement a top performing positive team that stays true to our brand.
  • Networker, you know how to organize successful events.
  • You know your way around a computer and you’re comfortable learning new applications and systems.


2PS' history

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