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16/07/2018 16:00 | Business & B2B Services

2PS has developed a smarter way for its partners to approach potential new customers.

Management consultancy franchise 2PS has launched its new ‘Sales Intelligence’ service for its network of professionals. The new adverts, which will appear on 2PS members’ ‘Job Opportunities’ section of their profile, will highlight companies to franchisees and staff that could potentially require their vast range of services.

The ‘Sales Intelligence’ ads will appear alongside work ads from known contacts. However, they’re different, as they will show potential new contacts that don’t currently have a relationship with anyone within the 2PS network. The ads will include contact details of the relevant person within the targeted company and an ‘icebreaker’, or reason to start a conversation.

The ‘icebreakers’ will focus on recent changes in the company, including significant changes in the number of employees, important new recruits, mergers or acquisitions, the launch of a new product or service or if anyone within the 2PS network has inside information from personal contacts. However, as part of the new ‘intelligent’ service, franchisees and partners are still encouraged to thoroughly research the business before approaching and make smart choices about which member of their network is best for the services required.

The management consultancy franchise hopes to make it easier for its franchisees to constantly seek out new business. By reducing time spent searching for contacts and allowing them to focus on winning new jobs, it hopes to increase the efficiency of the franchise.

With a global community of over 650 advisors in more than 20 countries, offering over 80 different services, 2PS has an expansive network. Many of its franchisees and members have experience at top mainstream management consultancy firms, meaning despite its less conventional way of operating, 2PS means business.

With the unique option of three different franchisee roles for those looking to start their own business, there’s plenty of flexibility that will ensure your role is the right one for you.

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