Trulawn Artificial Grass franchise

Min investment
£16,995 +VAT


Trulawn Artificial Grass franchise

Management franchise with high earning potential

Trulawn sells and installs artificial grass to the domestic, educational and commercial sectors. The franchisee will manage surveyors and installers as they fit and distribute 1000’s of square metres of artificial grass each year.

Minimum investment
£16,995 +VAT

Funding support
Third Party

Total investment
£18,000 +VAT

Franchise fees
£16,995 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£16,995 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
    6% year 1, 3% year 2 onwards
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Trulawn Artificial Grass

Trulawn was started in the south of England 11 years ago. Two friends joined up to launch a business installing putting greens but ended up finding a huge demand for domestic artificial grass lawns and so branched out into that market. Within 3 years they had a 7 figure turnover and haven’t look back since.

In 2020 Trulawn launched their first franchises and is now looking to take over nationally as the biggest name in artificial grass. Sales have been up 212% this year over last.

Trulawn install artificial grass in private houses, schools and playing fields and offer a maintenance service all year round. Installing over 150,000 sq.m. of artificial grass each year.

Trulawn offers a wide range of artificial grass at competitive prices to suit every budget. The distinctive Trulawn Luxury product is a 100% polyethylene grass with a ribbed yarn which breaks the reflection of sunlight; this helps to reduce glare and extend the life of the product. With average wear our products can last up to 15 years!

Constant research and development into environmentally aware materials has produced exclusive products such as our 100% recyclable artificial grass – we are the only company in the uk to supply it!

We pride ourselves on our exciting range of premium artificial grass and first-class service from survey to professional installation. Our Franchisees will benefit from our premium products, constant development and our experience.

Customers can be sure of the best artificial grass prices and installation costs, and a maintenance programme to ensure that the product remains in good condition.

Training and support provided

You will be fully trained in all aspects of owning, operating and marketing a Trulawn Franchise. The training will be comprehensive and on-going as the success of Trulawn is directly linked to the success of our franchisees.

The initial training will take place in the training facility at the Trulawn Academy and in the field with senior Trulawn staff. The cost of training is included in the Franchise package fee. The initial training will cover:

  • Marketing & Managing the Business
  • Sales processes to domestic and commercial customers
  • Installation & aftercare methods

As part of the on-going support services you will offered expert sales and marketing advice as well as technical help. An experienced business support manager will regularly visit you to help you develop your franchise business to its full potential.

The ideal Trulawn Artificial Grass franchisee

We require every Franchisee to commit to continually developing their Trulawn Franchise. Your role will be to cultivate your Trulawn Franchise to optimum levels, maintaining the high professional standards we have set and operating in accordance with the standards of quality as set down in the Franchisee’s Operations Manuals. You must be willing to operate your business under our full business format system and to adopt any new methods or products as they are introduced. When recruiting we will look for the following attributes:

➢ A hunger to run your own successful business and a high level of business acumen

➢ A logical and organised way of working

➢ The ability to effectively market the Trulawn Franchise

➢ The ability to recruit and retain suitably qualified staff

➢ Ability and willingness to implement our model

➢ Prepared to listen to advice and guidance

➢ Ability to work within a predetermined system

➢ Adequate business funding

➢ Agreeable personality with good social skills

➢ Commitment to delivering and maintaining high quality client care

➢ Attention to detail

➢ Ability to prioritise

➢ Strong communication skills

Trulawn Artificial Grass' history

Artificial grass has evolved from being a stiff, scratchy, unconvincing substitute into a high quality and realistic alternative to a grass lawn. The enormous improvement in quality, especially over the last ten years, has led to its growing popularity as people weigh up the benefits of no mowing, no watering and no mud with its high maintenance counterpart, grass.

Fans of artificial grass will know how pleasant it is to look out on a lawn that never gets dirty and can be enjoyed all year round. Even in winter the artificial lawn mantra of ‘no more mud’ rings true.

Having noticed a surge in demand for artificial grass Ian Parry and Ritchie Stewart decided to launch a business based around a sport they love – golf. After recognising that the demand for domestic artificial grass was much greater than putting greens they expanded into this market.

Ian the owner of Trulawn commented - “The business has been grown quite literally from the ground up with a minimal investment. Initially we had a single installation team whilst I would manage all sales and marketing functions which enabled the business to grow quite quickly.

Having run the business for a decade we effectively set up the Trulawn ‘template’. Having completed hundreds of domestic and school site surveys we have refined the process over the years and can help transfer all this knowledge to new franchisees.”

Ian had 18 years sales experience in the B2B sales environment prior to setting up Trulawn which have helped foster the sales led and customer service focused culture that Trulawn is based upon.

Ritchie is the other founder of Trulawn. From the outset he has installed the lawns and been responsible for training the new installers. As the company grew he became more involved in the whole operations of Trulawn. Ritchie comments “there have been some big challenges along the way but with the team we have around us we have overcome them”.

As a self- employed plasterer for nearly 20 years Ritchie’s attention to detail has always been paramount and this has been the DNA that Trulawn installers work to.

Case studies

Trulawn Artificial Grass in Aberdeen

Trulawn Aberdeen is run by Steven Taylor. He offers artificial grass services in Aberdeen and beyond. Get in touch today for a free site survey and quotation!

Steven has a wealth of experience in the ground works and construction industry which makes him ideal for a service like artificial lawn installation where drainage is so important! He’s used to working with different teams and knows his way around machinery, so it’s great to have someone on board who’s comfortable managing projects of this nature.

When it comes to artificial grass, Steven believes wholeheartedly in the product. He knows there’s a demand for a service like this in his area but very little available to consumers, and is looking forward to offering the very best in products and service to those in the local area.

He chose to join Trulawn after looking carefully at the opportunities available in this sector, and thoroughly researching the company. Steven was encouraged by the fact we are a well-established company with over a decade’s worth of experience and that Trulawn has a high rate of positive customer reviews.

With Trulawn’s helping hand Steven is anticipating success in Aberdeen, and hopes to eventually grow to cover an even greater area in the future. We look forward to working closely with Steven to make that possible.