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Toni Loco franchise

Featuring authentic 50-centimeter pizza made with a characteristically large hand-tossed thin crust, in wide slices. Toni only chooses the best ingredients and strictly by-the-book authentic toppings with fresh tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. Toni doesn’t mess around with what’s right.

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About Toni Loco

The pizza industry is busy and competitive, so when you’re looking for the right franchising opportunity for you, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

Toni Loco pizza franchiseWith distinctive, freshly made 50cm pizzas, homemade gelato and a buzzing array of drinks, Toni Loco pizza is the best way to go about it.

Opening in only 2018, the Toni Loco franchise has grown dramatically over a short space of time. With a sophisticated heritage in Italian-American food, the franchise quickly became one of the Amsterdam food scene’s award-winning pizza franchises. And, although grounded firmly in its foody origins, the franchise is fully equipped to work with a modern twist. Offering a hugely popular delivery service that can account for up to 40% of sales, this is a franchise with a rich legacy that is also confident in the present.

Growing quickly from its first location in Amsterdam, the franchise is now expanding into new European markets. In the UK alone, the pizza restaurant and takeaway market comes to a whopping £2.1 billion, meaning that this fast-growing and ambitious franchise has a whole lot of room to grow.

The Toni Loco Franchise package

As part of your franchise package, you’ll be integrated into the franchise’s brand, meaning you will immediately be a part of a turnkey business giving you access to:

  • Interior design
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Furniture
  • Packaging materials
  • Food ingredients
  • Marketing assets
  • The proven international experience of the franchise’s parent company at your disposal.

Toni Loco pizza restaurants are designed with versatility in mind, giving franchisees the benefit of flexibility. Whether your customers are looking for pizza, a drinking session or anything in between, franchisees know that their restaurants are capable of standing out. It’s this freshness and variety that makes Toni Loco such a distinctive restaurant franchise.

Why become a Toni Loco franchisee?

As a Toni Loco franchisee, you won’t just be left to your own devices. Both you and your staff will receive specialist training before you open your doors for the first time, and, even after you’re up and running, you’ll still get sophisticated support throughout your franchising experience. This training will cover everything from:

  • Menus
  • Pricing
  • Supply lines
  • Sales
  • Quality
  • Team engagement
  • Marketing
  • Social media

Wherever in the world you set up your Toni Loco franchise, you’ll never be far from a dedicated support team. The Entourage Group, the creator of the Toni Loco franchise, is an internationally recognised hospitality group, with expertise in complex operations. So, when it comes to navigating supply chains, you know that the right support is available to help you along the way.

Toni Loco franchise restaurant

Training and support provided

What does it take to become a Toni Loco franchise?

The franchise is on the lookout for the right future franchisees who can bring their own unique experiences to the business. If you’re a pizza-loving entrepreneur with a passion for the restaurant and pizza industries, or have some previous experience running a single or multi-unit food business, you might just be the perfect franchisee. The ideal franchisee will also be:

  • Passionate about a restaurant business
  • Have a commitment to developing a long-term food franchise
  • Ambitious
  • Capable of leading a team and have an eye for recruitment

If you think that you might be a good match for this franchise, you will need to make a minimum investment of around £200,000, depending on the scale and location of your franchise business. Depending on your credit history, you could be eligible for some advantageous start-up loans from some major lenders, so there may be some financial flexibility for you.

Toni loco pizza franchise

Toni Loco's history

Having been founded in 2018, Toni Loco has been growing at an exciting pace and is already looking for new franchise locations to push the business to the next level.

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