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Toni Loco franchise
Toni Loco

Featuring authentic 50-centimeter pizza made with a characteristically large hand-tossed thin crust, in wide slices. Toni only chooses the best ingredients and strictly by-the-book authentic toppings with fresh tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. Toni doesn’t mess around with what’s right.

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The pizza franchise, which specialises in the production of delicious hand-tossed thin crust pizzas, has joined the Point Franchise family.

First founded in 2018, Toni Loco has grown considerably since this time, and the pizza franchise is currently looking for franchisees to push the business to its next level. Toni Loco specialises in authentic 50-centimeter pizza topped with only the best, highest quality ingredients. It has a sophisticated heritage in Italian-American food, and while grounded in their foody roots, Toni Loco pizzas also have a wonderful, modern twist. 

In the words of Toni Loco, “Toni Loco pizza restaurants are designed with versatility in mind, giving franchisees the benefit of flexibility. Whether your customers are looking for pizza, a drinking session or anything in between, franchisees know that their restaurants are capable of standing out. It’s this freshness and variety that makes Toni Loco such a distinctive restaurant franchise.” 

If starting your own Toni Loco franchise interests you, you’ll need to make a minimum initial investment of £200,000. In return for your minimum investment, you’ll receive a comprehensive programme of specialist training and all the ongoing support that you need in order to succeed. The training will include help with menus, pricing, supply lines, sales, quality control, team engagement, marketing and social media. 

Essentially, “Wherever in the world you set up your Toni Loco franchise, you’ll never be far from a dedicated support team. The Entourage Group, the creator of the Toni Loco franchise, is an internationally recognised hospitality group, with expertise in complex operations. So, when it comes to navigating supply chains, you know that the right support is available to help you along the way.”

If you’re passionate about starting a restaurant business, committed to developing a franchise for the long-term and very capable of leadership and people management, you might be the ideal Toni Loco franchisee - especially if you’ve already got experience running a single or multi-unit food business under your belt. Find out more about a potential investment with the pizza franchise via Toni Loco’s profile page, linked above.

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