Street Greek franchise

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Street Greek franchise

Modern Greek Street Food

Street Greek is the UK market leader serving, great tasting Greek street food and is one of London's fastest-growing, unique QSR franchises with its authentic ancient values and modern flavours.

Minimum investment

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Total investment

Franchise fees
£15,000 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
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  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:
    1200 – 2000sq ft

About Street Greek

Always wanted to run your very own authentic Greek food business? With a Street Greek franchise, you could soon be saying ‘ya mas’ (cheers!) to a thriving business with the potential to generate a five-figure turnover every single week.

street greek kebab franchise

Why invest in the Street Greek concept?

  • Average £20k per week turnover
  • £15,000 + VAT franchise fee
  • Three thriving locations

Would you like to open a brand new food site on your local high street or in a busy shopping centre? Street Greek could be the perfect fit for you. Serving a tempting menu of hellenic treats – from juicy souvlaki skewers and wraps, to stuffed gyros and fresh Greek salad – you’ll soon have customers queuing round the block for your delights.

Street Greek has serious financial potential too. Its stores generate an average turnover of a whopping £20,000 per week and, depending on your area, there’s every chance you could reach or exceed this figure quickly. As a franchisee, you’ll welcome dine-in, takeaway and delivery customers, giving you three revenue streams that you can build up over time.

Is now a good time to invest?

  • Brits spend around £641 per year on takeaways
  • Demand for eating out is up 42%
  • Trading is back to pre-pandemic levels

There’s never been a better time to start your very own Street Greek business. This innovative franchise has attracted multi-unit investors from across the UK and continues to catch the eye of both UK-based and global brands.

Plus, the UK’s appetite for tasty treats they haven’t had to cook themselves has never been more voracious. Last year, Just Eat reported that there had been a 116% increase in demand for Greek takeaways. And research has shown that Greek food is the third most lusted-after new cuisine by those who haven’t had the pleasure of trying it.

The typical person is now spending 42% more on eating out and takeaway food than they did in 2019, rising from £452 per year to £641. It’s clear that there’s never been a better time to start a food business like Street Greek.

The Street Greek brand has never been stronger. After weathering the unprecedented lockdowns of 2020/21, its locations have bounced back and are generating turnovers that match pre-Covid levels. It is also gearing up to launch a brand new service in early 2022 that will allow the franchise to grow even more.

Our Aim:

to pay homage to ancient Greek values, whilst combining a modern taste

Our Vision:

to make modern Greek street food the new standard in the quick service restaurant industry

Our Mission:

to become market leaders

Our Brand:

the creativity is visible across our store designs, online, on our menu, products, and packaging. We continue to inspire whilst adding an element of fun.

Our Menu:

quality ingredients and authentic Greek taste. We are committed to using cage free, pasture raised grass fed meats, seasonal vegetables, and ethically sourced ingredients

Our Sites:

over the counter with small dine-in areas and a newly launched kiosk concept serving customers on site, through delivery and takeaway models

Our People:

we understand the true value of our people, rewarding them for their commitment and hard work

Our Customers:

we place great emphasis on understanding our customers’ expectations and continue to deliver a first-class service, a quality menu whilst maintaining high standards

Our Processes:

our simplified operations have been perfected to ensure food is fresh, prepared quickly, consistently, and profitably

The Franchise Opportunity

As a unique QSR brand in the franchise market, there is one key noticeable factor, Street Greek are the only modern Greek street food brand in the industry and we are rapidly expanding nationwide. We’ve quite simply spotted a gap in the market and are very quickly capturing the attention of both experienced and new investors keen on getting in on the action.

As a partner, Street Greek are offering you an opportunity to be as hands on in the business or a completely unique hands-off proposition.

Types of Operations

  • Owner Operator
    The owner operator model is completely hands on, allowing you to run the business full time, serve your customer and manage your team. You’ll be right at the heart of your operation.
  • Management Model
    You prefer to be slightly hands-off, leaving your team to operate the daily running of the business whilst you manage behind the scenes, building a robust infrastructure. Maybe you’re adding to your existing franchise portfolio or at the start of becoming a multi-unit operator.
  • Investor/Developer Model
    The Street-Greek completely hands-off model, ideal for super busy investors keen on action without getting their hands dirty. A key USP when your business is completely managed by the Street Greek operations team.

Training and support provided

Training and Support*

  • Support with site sourcing
  • Project managing site fit-out
  • 6 weeks of training pre and post launch
  • On-site operational training
  • Training on legal requirements, health & safety laws
  • Key staff member training
  • Training on managing your cash flow and profit and loss
  • Guidance on employee recruitment and legislation

* Training and support will depend on your level of involvement in the business

The ideal Street Greek franchisee

What We Are Looking For

  • Passionate about the Street Greek brand
  • Drive and determination to succeed
  • You must have world class people skills
  • Effective management skills
  • Understanding of business and operations
  • Excellent business English skills

Street Greek's history

Legend Has It…

The Street Greek recipes derived from secret scrolls, protected for generations by the Gods of Olympus and kept in the safety of Gardenopolis. The scrolls were stolen from Zeus, by Hades in a resentful rage of the culinary dystopia that he had to endure in the Underworld. Zeus was furious and commanded Hercules, Achillies and Pegasus on a quest to retrieve the scroll and return it to its rightful place.

They faced minotaurs and monsters but the heroes battled on and reclaimed the scrolls from Hades. Zeus was overjoyed and instead of concealing the divine recipes of the gods, he decided to share them with a select few. The contents of the secret scrolls were handed down from one generation of guardians to another until Zeus himself gave his blessing to the founding fathers of Street Greek to share the magical flavours with the world. We, at Street Greek, love everything Greek. Our aim is to pay homage to our ancient recipes, whilst combining a modern taste with traditional Greek street food. We thank Zeus for the gift that he has bestowed upon us… he was a ‘hella of a fella’!

Case studies


Street Greek is quickly becoming The Hercules of Franchising, operating profitable portfolio stores across London and with a fresh proposal to casual dining. 

Shelley McKenna, Street Greek London Bridge

“Having decided to investigate the possibility of franchising within the restaurant industry, I can honestly say that the Street Greek brand stood out from the start. Their expertise, enthusiasm and belief in their brand was quite awe-inspiring” 

Couple that with over 25 years of experience within the trade, and I knew I had stumbled across a winner. The whole operations team has been completely supportive in every avenue of our journey and, although it is a brand new venture, I felt confident at every turn. The other franchisees have been an absolute delight too, by encouraging, supporting and helping in any way possible” 

It really has the feel of One Big Happy Family with everyone wishing to see each member succeed and grow to their fullest potential. Watch this space... Happy days ahead!” 

Aston Zorro, Street Greek Fulham

“The Street Greek brand is fresh, new, eye-catching, and this is also reflected in the food. The market is competitive, but the offering is well placed and attractive to our customer base.” 

"The fact the brand was new to the market but had experienced executives and a robust operations team, gave me confidence the support network would be there, and it has been. From finance, operations, site acquisition and construction, training and advice, the franchise has supported throughout the process. As someone brand new to the sector with little experience, the transition has been relatively seamless. This is just the start! Mine and the brand’s journey and I’m very confident we can grow this into something great.”