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SME Skills Consultancy franchise

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The SME Skills Acadmey Franchise Program is a specialized business solution, which gives you everything you need to set up your own consultancy, and benefit from our experience is one of the top sales companies in the world.

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Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    £0 - 2k per annum
  • Advertising fee:
    £0-£300 PCM
  • Royalty fee:
    20% - 50%
  • Average floor space:

About SME Skills Consultancy

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1,000,000 Business to double their sales by 2025! That is the core mission at SME Skills and it drives everything we do! 

The SME Skills Acadmey Franchise Program is a specialized business solution, which gives you everything you need to set up your own consultancy, and benefit from our experience is one of the top sales companies in the world. We have built a globally recognized brand, and have helped businesses to triple their sales revenue in 12 months or less. As one of our consultants, we will train you on how to help other businesses to do the same, and there is a generous payment structure. Running a franchise takes away the guess work, as we have built the systems already. As you need to do is be willing follow the system, and put in the time to growing your franchise business.

Why did we choose to franchise?

People perform best when they like what they do. Best service is provided by people with job satisfaction, offering a great service, caring about reputation and brand.

We strongly believe people provide a much higher quality of service when they are invested in the core message!

By franchising the business SME Skills can enable the right person to achieve total life freedom and also make a massive impact.

SME Skills Academy Franchise seminar

With the Franchise Program, you will receive:

  • 2 Day Intensive Kickstarter
  • 12 Master-class Workshops
  • An Experienced Personal Mentor
  • Quarterly Business Sessions
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Advice
  • Accounting Guidance
  • Access and Permission to use SME Skills Academys Program and Materials
  • The opportunity to benefit from our media campaign
  • Incredible opportunity to make £100,000 with 3 days a week

What do our franchisees do?

The Franchisee team at SME Skills is a core part of the SME Skills Academy family and part of our goal to help 1,000,000 companies double or triple their turnover!

Our Franchisees are highly experienced sales / business professionals who have a passion for helping others and seeing massive results- whilst earning great money!

Below is a list of some of the tasks a franchisee performs:

  • Running speaking engagements to generate clients
  • Networking to build a network of clients
  • Developing relationships with strategic partners
  • Delivering workshop 121 for clients
  • Delivering client workshops for clients
  • Working with clients over 6-18 months to help them to grow their sales
  • Running webinars for clients and their network to establish themselves as an expert
  • Being active on social media to work with clients and prospects

Plus much more! Essentially a franchisees key goals are to generate clients and deliver results with the clients. Everything else needed to run a successful franchisee business is handled by Head office.

The ideal SME Skills Consultancy franchisee

We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

  • A great positive attitude
  • A fast learner
  • A background in sales
  • A great ability to learn and implement
  • A passion for helping others
  • Money motivated

What are we offering a franchisee?

  • Opportunity for financial freedom
  • Break out of the 9-5
  • Total financial freedom
  • Passive income
  • Great commissions
  • Full support network
  • Tried and tested model
  • Turn-key business solution

SME Skills Consultancy's history

SME Skills Academy franchise eventSME Skills was founded by Michael Graham in June 2012. At SME Skills Academy our specialist team work with companies across all industry sectors helping them to meet their sales challenges with an approach that drives performance through multiple but equally essential areas of the Sales Machine.

We aim to be able to help everyone that comes to us because we are passionate about winning, challenging the status quo for better and providing great value for money. We are results oriented and are focused on delivering measurable success in consultative selling, solution selling and strategic selling for business owners and sales teams.

Our methodologies are tailored to suit specific needs. Sales success is closely tied to an individuals passion for selling and we build on team spirit to drive your company to the higher sales levels that you are aiming for. Our proven selling techniques have helped increase our clients sales turnover by an average of 100-300% from working with them for a period of only six months.

A high performing Business Development Team is what every company strives for, SME Skills Academy will work with you to find the right strategy, to implement the right sales behavior, to form the right habits, and to develop the right attitude to make your Business Development Team an outright success!


  • Founded 28th June 2012
  • First client August 2012
  • First offices in High St Kensington January 2013
  • Opened international franchisee office in Nigeria/ Lagos 2014
  • Started developing SME SKills Sales methodology 2015
  • Incredible client successes- over 100 clients in 1 year 2015
  • Repeat year of massive success with clients 2015
  • SME SKills Invited to speak on the UKs biggest online TV show for SMEs as sales experts 2015
  • SME SKills Invited to speak at the UK British Business show Excel as sales expert 2015
  • SME SKills launch the franchise program 2016
  • First 10 franchises 2016
  • SME SKills Launch international sales book From Cold to Gold
  • Franchise offering solidified 2017
  • SME SKills Invited to speak at over 30 events in London regarding business and sales advice 2017
  • New office move into London Waterloo 2017
  • Investment into SME SKills to help with franchise and international expansion 2017
  • Over 100 clients worked with and over