Unhappy in life but scared of starting a business during inflation/recession?

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You don't need to be scared, but do make sure that you do your homework to ensure you start the right business. 

Joining a recognised franchise brand is a great choice. Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from ours?

Recessions, pandemics, inflation. Why do some businesses always flourish? 

Having been in business for 26 years we’ve been through a lot – the dot com bubble, the global financial crash, Brexit, the pandemic and now inflation. So, why has My Window Cleaner continually thrived?

Aside from exceptional customer service, high standards, reliability and accountability, it’s because we understand economic ‘cycles’ and know that downturns are predictable.

Let's go back in time, you can see for yourself.........

Understanding the big picture means we always stay calm, work smart and plan well ahead.

INFLATION - the big picture: 

The annual inflation rate of the consumer price index in the UK 2000-2026

MARKETS - the big picture: 

FTSE 100 Index from December 2019 to August 2022

If you switch on the TV or radio when you wake up you’ll instantly be bombarded with horror stories, negativity, bad news and FEAR!

Buy a paper or read the latest news on your mobile phone? You’ll be fed more negativity on your way to work. Many people finish their day watching the news! It’s a habit and often the topic of conversation. 

Think about it, ‘news’ is a business, and the reality is ‘sensationalism’ sells! News stories only present us with a tiny percentage of a much bigger picture. That’s why Dave and I haven’t bought a newspaper in over 20 years. Have we missed out on anything? No. If there’s something we really need to know someone will always tell us (we received 9 messages about the Queen’s passing within 1 hour). 

It is as important to feed your mind as it is to feed your body, especially when you are in business!

Yes, things are happening out there, but our question is why focus on the things that you can’t change? That’s why we encourage our team to replace daily news with something educational and inspirational. 

There’s unlimited guidance and content out there from the world’s most successful and inspirational leaders.

Where the focus goes, the energy flows. We stay focused on things we can change. At My Window Cleaner, instead of getting caught up in the news, our team of entrepreneurs choose to invest their time wisely. 

As franchisors, we know how to plan and are experts when it comes to effective marketing strategies to suit all budgets.

Competition fades, MWC shines

We’ve heard so many stories of window cleaners leaving the industry during tough times – to return to perceived ‘safe employment’. It only takes a tiny percentage of customer cancellations due to the economic climate for other window cleaners out there to panic. This creates huge opportunities for us and using our secret marketing formulas we continue to thrive. 

Do you understand demographics? My Window Cleaner's target customers are As to Cs - these are the least affected in times of inflation and recession.

Marketing made simple – and accountable

Our marketing strategies are part of the secret sauce that make up our franchise. Franchisees have access to campaigns that have been proven to work over more than two decades and many downturns.

They can be turned on and off quickly to boost business, with total clarity on results thanks to Gloria, MWC’s business management technology.

Gloria tells each franchise owner their exact return on investment received from each campaign and from every marketing penny they’ve spent. 

They can access the information they need, from any device in real-time.

It’s marketing made simple, with total control. In a recession, that’s a powerful weapon.

Online marketing sounds too complicated? Don’t worry, as part of our exceptional, ongoing support package, we run your Google AdWords and offer an opt-in, opt-out service for all your social media marketing posts (at no extra cost!)

Low overheads, higher profits

With inflation running high and energy bills likewise, you may be worried about the costs of running a business right now. Our franchise model is structured to help you thrive in these circumstances:

First, you run your business from home. No premises costs, no staff costs when you start out. 

Second, it’s a business that doesn’t ramp up your energy bills, either domestic or commercial.

Third, obviously, you’ll have a van to run but with our expert knowledge of building condensed work, our secret marketing techniques along with Gloria’s sophisticated route-planning software, travel can be kept to a minimum.

Fourth, if your savings are getting an interest rate that’s lower than inflation, the value of your cash is being eroded. 

Owning a My Window Cleaner franchise can make your money work harder; turn your savings into an asset for your future, while putting you in control of your life.

If you are passionate about great customer service and excited about the possibility of joining a fast-growing network of like-minded entrepreneurs, with a commitment to excellence in everything they do and you'd like to hear more about us, we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we wish you a great week ahead!

Best wishes, 

Dave & Karen


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