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My Window Cleaner franchise
My Window Cleaner Say hello to reliable, trustworthy window cleaning, backed by great service.

Revolutionise a sector that’s primed for modernisation, using our technology and proven marketing systems to grow a professional, reliable multi-van window cleaning business that dominates your local area.

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My Window Cleaner began as a humble window-cleaning business in 1996, being the first of its kind to brighten the glass of homes in the UK. It’s grown to a network of 24 franchises in different locations in the country. One of its brightest stars is MWC Breckland Norfolk, owned and managed by Emma Koch and David Albon. 

Emma and David grew tired of the corporate worlds they worked in and wanted a new challenge. In September 2020 during the pandemic, they decided to put their sales and management skills to good use. With the launch of My Window Cleaner in Norfolk, they’ve since then brough smiles to several customers across the UK. MWC has recently awarded them with the My Window Cleaner’s Franchisee of the Year after only two and a half years in the business. 

Emma had this to say about this exciting enterprise: 

“David and I had always dreamed big, and the pandemic affirmed our desire to step away from the more traditional, corporate roles. That’s when we found MWC, which offered us everything and more – we could continue nurturing our management and customer service skills, all while being on the road and enjoying the outdoors! Who wouldn’t want to combine work with pleasure? Our previous roles left us always wanting more as we felt very under-appreciated, but as MWC franchisees, we’ve felt so fulfilled and rewarded for the hard work we’ve put in.” 

If you have the same passion and drive as Emma and David, you can also feel satisfied in the work environment by running your own business. With a brand that’s ever-expanding and has over 4,500 5-star reviews, you’ll begin a venture with a name that’s already successful

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