Tons Of Announcements At Jam Coding's First Annual Event

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Jam Coding Teach the Future! Operate in a booming sector with earnings of over £100k. This fun, recession and future proof franchise gives you the chance to make a real difference.

All franchisors say they provide support, but few actually start you off with sales like Jam Coding do. No teaching or IT experience required to establish a scalable business.

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The 1st Annual Jam Coding Conference was a jam-packed event and an opportunity for all of our franchisees to network and share. One of the best parts was three workshops for our franchise network to ideate, collaborate, and plan for growth.

New announcements and opportunities to connect

In those jamming workshops, three brand new products were created and three unique opportunities to grow relationships with schools and parents from the beginning of the new school year.

jam-coding-franchise-the-first-annual-jam-coding-2But the announcements did not stop there. We also launched Jam Coding University, an online Learning Management System (LMS) where our Area Directors, Managers and Code Coaches can log in to receive tailored training, helping them perform. In fact, the LMS covers every area, from sales to recruitment to HR.

Expanding our Jam staff reach

Jam Coding University also allows our staff to become qualified to deliver our invigorating sessions, raising the quality of classroom delivery across the network. It works with each Code Coach sitting through a course and receiving a certificate upon completion. But the support does not end there. When our Coaches are in the classroom, they have video content they can use to support them even further in their Jam sessions.


National Autistic Society partnership!

We also unveiled our partnership with the National Autistic Society, which we are endlessly proud to announce. Computing is often appealing to children who are on the autistic spectrum and are neuro-diverse. So it is pivotal for us to ensure we continue to support all young people in our courses, preparing them for a digital and bright future. Inclusivity has always been one of Jam Coding's pivotal commitments, and this partnership will show our continued commitment to this ethos.

If you resonate with this goal and want to join our franchise family of code teachers, all you need is £19,950 in total investment and optional third-party funding. Simply, click "REQUEST INFORMATION" below, and you are in contact with us!


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