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Techclean has released some shocking statistics that show how grubby many of our offices are.

Many of us spend lots of time at our desks, often eating and drinking at our computer when our schedules get particularly hectic. But are we aware of how many germs are lurking in our offices?

According to Techclean, there are loads of little nasties floating around the majority of workplaces in the UK. In a shocking post on their blog, the commercial cleaning franchise revealed some horrifying statistics that show just how dirty our workplaces can get. Around 60% of illnesses that we catch each year are contracted in the workplace, with dirty computer keyboards and communal telephones often the culprits. Even more shockingly, a survey by Which? Magazine found that the average office keyboard has more germs on it than the loo!

But according to Techclean, its not that were a nation of unhygienic people. As we spend so much time at our desks, its natural that they will get dirty, and keyboards in particular are traps for small particles of food, dirt and dust. However, without regular, thorough cleaning, seemingly harmless crumbs and dust can trap moisture, which can lead to serious bugs developing including E. Coli, which is responsible for many cases of gastroenteritis.

Studies have found that having an office cleaned regularly can lower the rate of staff absences by up to 55% and can even have a positive effect on staff productivity. Techclean also found that regularly cleaned machinery such as computers, printers and scanners are much less likely to malfunction, as around 70% of issues with office machinery can be attributed to dirt and dust build-up.

Techclean supplements your normal cleaning team by providing a specialist service that will breathe new life into your machines and make your workplace a healthier place to be.

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