Computer Repair franchise opportunities

Very few homes in the UK don’t have a computer and the average Brit spends more time on their computer and phone than they do sleeping. Computers are also now the life blood of any organisation, large or small.

Businesses always need hardware support

In an era of austerity, there is one thing that both homeowners and businesses rely on when it comes to making their technology last as long as possible - computer repair specialists. Which is why in the last few years, this has been a substantial growth sector. By 2016, 4,605 computer and communication repair ventures had been launched in the UK. A word of caution though. The prevailing trend in technology is still replacement, rather than repair. You need to position and promote your computer repair shop or on-site service in a way that convinces customers that you have the know-how to tackle their tech issues.

This makes a franchise partnership an attractive route to being your own boss. You are backed by a tried and trusted business model. A great example is Computer Troubleshooters, a leading IT franchiser that supports 400 locations worldwide.

Established computer repair franchises

PC Pal provides both home and small business on-site computer repairs. You might also want to consider The Flying Doctor (a GP for your PC). One of the many regional operators is Penny Lane Computers, which runs franchises in the South of England.

Apart from the respected brand and business management help, what else can a franchiser offer your computer repair business? Clearly their existing supply chains bring preferential rates for equipment, plus they can help with insurance and industry regulations, planning issues for a repair shop and general territory selection.

The key to a successful computer repair business is making the right connections and being good at problem solving - two things we know a lot about. Contact us to match your ambition to the right franchise partner.

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