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The courier franchise has recommended ways to help employees stay productive and happy at work.

In the wake of the shocking fact that 440,000 people in the UK experience work-related stress [Health and Safety Executive], Post & Packing has been focusing on reducing stress in the workplace. When unhappy, employees are likely to be far less productive, so improving stress levels won’t just help individual employees - it will benefit the entire company. 

Here are Post and Packing’s five top tips:

  • Encourage honest conversation - The courier franchise focuses on the importance of good communication - “Employees should feel like they can be honest with those around them, including managers, when things are getting a bit too stressful. They should be able to say no to requests, or ask for extensions, without worrying about the consequences.”

  • Organise team bonding activities - Post & Packing stated that team building should be used to encourage better communication and improve teamwork skills. Some of its suggestions for team bonding activities included treasure hunts, cookery classes, escape rooms and traditional outdoor activities.

  • Encourage staff to spend time doing things they enjoy - While getting the work done is of course crucial, the franchise encourages employees to have a healthy work-life balance, and expresses the value of flexible working hours, saying, “Make it the norm for people to set time aside for what they enjoy.”

  • Minimise time-consuming tasks - Outsourcing and effective planning can reduce employee workloads and, in turn, lower employee stress levels.

  • Put systems in place for anticipated demand before it arrives - Post & Packing encourages employers to focus, where they can, on the future and the long term - “This might be outsourcing tasks, hiring new staff, or investing in new equipment. It will completely depend on the nature of your business.”

Since relaunching in 2012, Post & Packing has been thriving. As the business continues on a steady upward trajectory, you can learn more about investing via Post & Packing’s profile page.

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