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IWG Workspace franchise
IWG Workspace IWG is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces. We're offering you the chance to open and run your own flexible workspace, and take advantage of the recent boom in this market.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, wherever you are, the IWG group has a workspace brand to suit you. With solutions that can turn empty floorspace into a cash-generating business in just 12 weeks.

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IWG Franchise provides you with the opportunities to capitalise on the shift towards the hybrid and flexible work model. You will get globally-recognised support to succeed and to choose what type of workspace you want to provide!

Flexible work is not a luxury, but a necessity

Founded in 1989 by Mark Dawson under the name Regus (now one of the brands within the expansive portfolio) and now under the name International Workplace Group achieved a global 120-country presence with a customer count of more than the entire population of Switzerland!

The reason is that flexible work is on the rise from not only the pandemic, but also the rise in the Gig Economy. Companies realised and admitted the responsibility they had during Covid. They not only had a hand in supporting communities through its employees but their families as well. This commitment grew so much during 2021 and 2022 that it today is dubbed ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governmental responsibility; the evolution from Corporate Social Responsibility.

Practically, flexible work, according to Return to Workplace, was found to empower workers the most, and EU Think Tank found that 71 pct. of employees see physical offices as a social amenity rather than a place of work. This feeds into the general perception that 89% of people desire a flexible or fully remote work environment, making them perform better and increase their employee loyalty. [Quantum Workplace]. More surveys, insights, and metrics can be found - the point is that flexibility at work is not a luxury anymore; it is a necessity.

From where you do it, to what you do

IWG is at the centre of this modern work revolution of "what you do rather than where you do it". They have 3500 flexible workspace locations with an impressive portfolio of Regus, Spaces, HQ and Signature spanning the UK and abroad. They not only provide the physical space for flexible work but helps companies excel in this new flexible model. IWG even found that flexible workspace franchises are eclipsing in value compared to other industries, with 30% of all commercial real estate transformed into flexible workspace environments by 2030.

IWG is determined to give you a choice. With an IWG Regus franchise, you connect with professional workers where spaces are designed for productivity. Alternatively, if you want to house the disruptors and innovators of tomorrow, IWG Spaces is the right franchise opportunity for you.

So with the proven business model connecting with a thriving sector and the words of CEO Mark Dixon, "At IWG, we are aiming to expand our network, mostly by franchise" - now is the best time to begin your franchise journey with IWG.

So with an average floorspace of 8,000 sqft, £350,000 in total investment and £25,000 in franchise fees, you get unprecedented and globally recognised support to thrive:

  • Access to a marketing and sales platform that ensures 100,000+ enquiries every month
  • Backend and frontend tools and systems that help you analyse, manage, and grow your franchise
  • A global customer support
  • A professional website and app optimised for digital marketing
  • An expansive and global network ready to help you succeed and answer any question you have
  • General marketing support and advertising material
  • Continual business help of growth plans and strategies
  • Help with recruitment of high-performing staff plus the training of them

The hybrid and flexible workplace boom is here and now, and the opportunities IWG are offering to capitalise on this should not be missed! So click the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION" button and talk with IWG to discover more and begin your franchise journey.

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