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iwg-regus-birmingham-tesco-deal-hybrid-office-spaceThe world’s biggest provider of flexible working spaces, IWG, agrees on a new deal with UK’s largest supermarket chain Tesco.

The first to open its flexible working space will be the Tesco flagship store New Malden, enabling people to work closer to home for a better work-life balance.

For better work-life balance and the environment

Workers will be able to use their favourite supermarket as a place to work on their doorsteps after a new deal between IWG and Tesco.

IWG - the world’s leading provider of flexible workspace with brands including Spaces and Regus - is to convert excess space at Tesco into flexible office space, making hybrid working a reality in the heart of the suburbs, inches away from people's homes. 

The latest opening from IWG is part of a shift towards creating more self-sustaining and vibrant local communities. This new deal between Tesco and IWG will greatly improve work-life balance. While having a positive impact on the environment by reducing the need for daily and costly commutes into central London.

3,800 square feet of hybrid working

The first location will be the Tesco Extra in New Malden, located on the store’s upper mezzanine level. The 3,800 square foot space will contain 12 OpenDesks, 30 co-working spaces and a meeting room. The space will be available from mid-May by joining the IWG platform. Then you can have access wifi, the in-store Tesco café and the comfort of private working space.

It is all part of the plan

IWG plans to add 1,000 new locations to its global network in 2022, and the UK is not left out as the demand for hybrid working accelerates in Britain. For example, other new IWG locations across South London will include Twickenham, Sutton and the revamped Battersea Power Station. Once completed, IWG members can access this rapidly expanding network of 300 centres across the UK and thousands worldwide.

Research undertaken by IWG demonstrates the ongoing popularity of hybrid working. For example, 72 per cent of workers prefer the long-term ability to work flexibly over going back to the office five days a week.

And with the rising popularity of hybrid and remote working, the growth of IWG’s network has been increasingly focused on suburban locations, increasing the demand for workspace solutions in the heart of local communities. 77 per cent of employees say a place to work closer to home is a must-have for their next job move, with workers four times more likely to choose an office close to home than a city centre.

The innovative and modular hybrid working solution from IWG

To further capitalise on the demand for hybrid and flexible working spaces, IWG recently launched a new retail-based office space called 'OpenDesks'. The new concept offers optimal flexibility and greater privacy than traditional co-working, using magnetic screens to create privacy. It is particularly popular for larger teams and meetings, as cluster formations can be created for bigger spaces. While the planning and scheduling of said meetings are seamless through IWG Spaces’ mobile app, providing 24/7 work for members.

The company continues to invest in the industry-leading technology and recently announced a merger of its digital assets with Instant Group.

Mark Dixon, Founder & CEO of IWG, commented: “For several decades we have been at the forefront of hybrid work, empowering people to work more productively and conveniently. People don’t want to spend hours commuting every day and instead want to live and work in their local communities. A Tesco Extra in a suburban location, in the middle of a vibrant local community, is the perfect location for flexible office space. You can already shop there, and now you can use a Flexspace there as well. 

He continues: “New locations in suburban areas will transform communities and are a response to the growing demand we are seeing from customers who want to live and work locally.”

Louise Goodland, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Tesco said: “We are pleased to be working with IWG to offer customers the chance to work more flexibly from their local Tesco. We are always looking to serve our customers and communities better and we will be interested to see how they respond to this new opportunity.

Providing access and spaces for hybrid and remote work has enjoyed a surge in demand and popularity from the new normal of working partly out-of-office.

For example, see James Wright's success story with IWG:

So, depending on the size and location of your flexible working space - maybe even in a Tesco store - the total investment to begin is £350,000 with £25,000 in franchise fees. Simply click the "REQUEST INFORMATION" button below and get in contact with IWG today!


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