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Platinum Property Partners is the world’s first property investment franchise. They assist you in building a portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties, which can secure you an ongoing substantial income, a solid pension fund and a valuable legacy for your family.

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Platinum property partners

The estate agent franchise’s interiors expert Katie Hedgecox has revealed her top interior design tips for landlords of residential properties.

The advice is designed to promote sustainability by encouraging property owners to make the right choices when it comes to fitting out their rental flats or houses. Hedgecox offered guidance on flooring, blinds and curtains, and kitchen and bathroom furniture and appliances.

Investing in hardwearing, durable materials like high-quality lino and upcycling or buying second-hand kitchen units were just a few of the tips put forward. Hedgecox’s guide included information on where to find the best reclaimed and second-hand items, from local car-boot sales and charity shops to sites like Facebook Marketplace and

The estate agent and property franchise also provided guidance on how to get started with sustainable renovations. Hedgecox recommends measuring the spaces you need to fill and taking a mood board with you when you go shopping. Despite the low prices you can find when shopping second-hand, it’s vital you don’t end up buying unsuitable items. One way or another, they’ll probably end up in landfill – or back in the shop.

Another key part of refurbishing sustainably is to get creative. Painting and upcycling items that aren’t quite right is a fantastic way to give your furnishings a bespoke feel. Finally, Hedgecox encouraged readers not to feel all their furniture has to ‘match’. If you’re buying second-hand, it’s unlikely you’ll find six identical beds or bedside tables for all your bedrooms, for example, but this isn’t necessarily a problem. As long as you “stick to your theme”, you can make adjustments to finetune the final look and pull everything together.

Hopefully, these tips will help landlords create functional, stylish interiors without having a negative impact on the environment. To find out more about Platinum Property Partners, visit its profile page here.

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