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Peckwater Brands franchise
Peckwater Brands

Peckwater Brands is one of the fastest growing virtual brand companies in the UK. We are on a mission to improve the quality of food delivery!

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The franchise, which is all about revolutionising the food delivery landscape, has joined the Point Franchise family.

Peckwater Brands is one of the fastest-growing virtual brand companies in the UK, and you can now become a franchisee. Do so, and you’ll also become a part of the food delivery franchise’s amazing mission - revolutionising the food delivery sector through the creation and management of virtual food brands. 

In the words of Peckwater, “We provide existing kitchen operators with fully-serviced food concepts. This includes branding, platform listings, suppliers, recipes, packaging, staff training, and technology. This allows [them] to diversify [their] revenue streams and business turnover, and extract extra value from [their] kitchen and staff. [They] run the kitchen, we do the rest.”

Peckwater Brands does its work in an already in-demand and ever-growing sector, and the franchise is improving this sector with its proven, successful model. In fact, there are already over 40 Peckwater-managed operations across the UK, with annual revenue surpassing the £5 million mark.

Interested? We’re not surprised. You can become a Peckwater Brands franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £6,000. After two years in business, your expected revenue is £189,450. In return for your investment, you’ll receive exclusive rights to offer the Peckwater Brands service and tech, a proven playbook and an exclusive operational territory. You’ll be provided with an iPad, a full set of merchandised clothing and materials and systems for sales, lead generation, contracting and payment.

You’ll then be provided with a two-day all-expenses-paid training programme at HQ, followed by two more weeks of digital training. Once you’re up and running, your franchisor support will be ongoing, inclusive of monthly field visits, monthly refresher training, new product training and weekly target check-ins with your sales leader. Find out more about Peckwater Brands and a potential investment via the franchise’s profile page, linked above.

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