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In a recent blog post from the specialist cleaning company, My Window Cleaner introduced Oli Ford, who now runs a branch of the thriving franchise in the centre of Cardiff.

Oli has a family history of franchising, so My Window Cleaner was a natural choice for him when he decided he wanted to make an investment - able to offer him all the great things he knew to look for in a franchise. In his words, “My parents have done franchising throughout their lives and careers, so franchising is very much in my blood! I’ve got a very strong work ethic, and I believe if you go out, do a great job and look after people, then you have a great foundation to build a solid and secure business. The MWC model really appeals in that way.”

Oli had to stop his previous franchise endeavour due to COVID lockdowns. He explained, “Before investing in another, significant due diligence was my number one priority. I started by going to the British Franchise Association website to look at ethical franchises. From there, the more I learned about My Window Cleaner, the more I knew this was the right opportunity for me.” He rang “literally every single” existing franchisee with the window cleaning franchise and found them all to be friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming.

Oli said, “It was really important to me to make sure that the network was happy. People were so generous with their time, I took that as a very positive thing, it was really nice. Everyone said, ‘Go for it, follow what you’re being told in training, it works, and anything you need, give me a ring any time’. There’s a large WhatsApp group for everyone. The energy and communication between everyone is brilliant.”

If you’d like to benefit from this energy, communication and quality support just as Oli’s Cardiff My Window Cleaner location has, you can become a franchisee too. As Oli puts it, “Every step, everyone has been so encouraging. I’m ambitious, I want to go multi-van, and I’m sure I’ve got the brand to do that.” Find out more about starting your own franchising journey with My Window Cleaner via the franchise’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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